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The Anglican Church has played a major role in education in Jamaica for almost 200 years. Involvement in the sector dates back to 1825, when the then Bishop of Jamaica, the Rt. Rev. Christopher Lipscombe, advocated that slaves be taught to read.

Many of the early schools were established in buildings or on lands owned by the Church, with the help of members of the community and donations from the gentry, who were members of the church. These include Charles Drax and John Wolmer, benefactors of Jamaica College and the Wolmers Schools, which have achieved an outstanding record of performance.

Today, the Church is still active in the field of education, having direct responsibility for the Church Teachers’ College in Mandeville which it established in 1965, as well as 11 of the island’s High Schools, 112 primary schools, 9 preparatory schools and several early childhood institutions. Some of these institutions are regarded as leased schools, in that the Government is fully responsible for their upkeep.

Members of the clergy serve as Chaplains to the 11 High Schools, and working in collaboration with the teachers of Religious Education, they seek to inculcate Christian values and attitudes in the students.

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