Excellence in Anglican Schools’ Project Plans

In 2018, following preparatory work that was done, in relation in relation to our Anglican Schools, in particular, our Primary Schools, the Region of Kingston, especially the Deanery of St. Andrew held a workshop on Instructional Leadership and School governance on Monday, July 9 and Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

The Mission/Vision Statement for the Project is as follows:” Every child in every Anglican school will receive a high-quality education enabling them to be productive members of society while developing spiritual growth, moral responsibility and service to others”. 

The Goals were:

  • Build capacity in school leaders and teachers to facilitate targeted school improvement based on the results of the most recent National Education Inspectorate results.
  • Support school leaders and teachers in extending the mission of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands in Anglican Schools.

Schools participating:

  • Cavaliers Primary, Woodford Primary, Clifton Primary, St. Michael’s Primary and Grove Primary.  The two-day workshop was conducted by facilitators, Ms Sandra Berry and Mrs Flavia Gordon-Gunter, both educational consultants.

Emphasis was placed on the necessity of a new concept of educational leadership and these included:-

Demand for higher achievement
Demand for accountability
Hence improvement and reform were required.

An integral part of the workshop was to develop

Share Action Plan – which would consist of looking at the School Improvement Plan for each school and think about a plan to incorporate the changes that one would like to make and put into practice.  Therefore, the three-part process would consist of:-

  1. Goal                     
  2. Steps to take to achieve     and             
  3. Expected outcomes

The first school visited was  St. Michael’s Primary School, on June 10, 2019.  The visiting team comprised of:-  Mrs. Gloria Gascoigne, Mr. Philip Clarke, Mrs. Dorothy Noel and Rev. Canon Michael Allen.  The Team was met by the Principal, Mrs. Juliet Campbell-McPherson.  The Chairman of the Board is Dr. Blossom Anglin-Brown.