Easter Joy

This morning’s Gospel from John 20, tells a story of persistence as faith. Mary Magdalene went to the tomb in grief, she called the acknowledged apostles to see what she had and even after they left…without a word, she stayed…hoping for something more tangible, that would explain all she was experiencing. Then, she sees _ a man_ but, blinded by tears of confusion and that elusive something yet rising within her, she asked him where he had taken her Lord. ”Mary” he replied; her name on a _breath_…that conveyed the _Spirit_ of illumination and in that moment, she knew! All that was rising within her came to full flower; a new day had dawned and with it, endless possibilities…for joy, hope and the experience of life, as Almighty God intended.  Easter…Mary, tells us, that in the darkest times of despair, persisting in hope, even without physical supporting evidence, is an act of faith…in God, who will always call us by name and make _all things new_! Today, He calls yours and mine…all is well🙏🏾

Contributed by: Canon Georgia ‘Grace’ Jervis – via Diocesan Whatsapp Group