Women’s Auxiliary

The Womens’ Auxiliary serves primarily through its support of the Diocesan Pastoral Aid Fund. This Fund enables the Bishop of the Diocese to give monetary assistance to financially challenged Cures and also to provide assistance where most needed. In addition to this, the Auxiliary provides financial help to young persons through the Education and Youth Department of the Diocese, supports a number of Anglican Basic Schools, gives support to the Bishop Gibson Home for the Aged, and financial support towards Anglican students and the United Theological College. Individual branches also provide assistance to their own churches and members.

The Executive Committee is comprised of a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Assistant Public Relations Officer and Vice President for each of the four Regions, and the Chairman and a Representative from each of the 46 Branches in churches throughout the island. Executive Committee meetings are held monthly.

Please click here for more on the work of the Women’s Auxiliary which celebrated 75 years of service in 2015.

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