Nuttall Memorial Hospital

The Nuttall Memorial Hospital was constructed in 1923 on land purchased by the Diocese in 1921. Today it has the usual amenities of Operating Rooms, Casualty, Maternity wing, wards and private wings as well as a Chapel. The complex also has a Medical Centre, laboratories and X-Ray facilities.

The Hospital has grown since its inception. It has survived and been the pace setter in many respects in the delivery of private medical services. While it has experienced the downturn in the Jamaican economy in the latter part of the twentieth century, the Board is making the effort to keep the hospital going and to make it a viable business. Over the years, changes have been made in the effort to curtail costs without affecting the quality of the services offered while making the hospital financially viable. A massive refurbishing programme has been undertaken in some of the blocks.


ENOS NUTTALL – Spritual Leader – BROCHURE – Anniversary Commemoration

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