Clerical Directory

Clergy are listed alphabetically. The list includes those to whom Churches/Cures are assigned. The list also includes Supplementary Clergy, Deaconesses, Church Army Officers, and Retired Clergy some of whom are currently assisting certain Churches/Cures. Clergy on Special Assignment(s) are also listed.

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M – Mission
C/E – Chapel at ease
SM – Supplementary Minister
Ret. – Retired
Act’g – Acting

Allen, Michael, Rev.Church of Ascension
1a Daisy Avenue, Mona Heights 
St. AndrewSundays – 8am – Holy Eucharist
Evening Prayer- Second Sundays at 5:30pm
St. Matthew’s, Jack’s HillSt. Andrew
Anderson, Richard, Rev.  (SM)St. George’s, BlackstonedgeSt. Catherine
St. Paul’s – Clapham
All Saints’ – Guys Hill 
Atkinson-Linton, Judith, Rev. (SM)St. Mark’s Cure, Brown’s TownSt. Ann
St, Luke’s Aboukir
Barnes, Douglas, Rev. On leave
Barrett, Nina-Rae Omoy, Rev.St. Mary’s, Lucea
Church of the Holy Trinity, Green Island
St. Bartholomew’s, Dalmally
St. Bartholomew’s, Dalmally
St. Agnes, Grange
St. Augustine Church, Hill Mission(C/E)
Hanover;Sundays – 7:30am – Holy Eucharist
10am Service

11am Service
Barry, Muffet, Rev.  (SM)Overseas
Beckford, Cleverton, Rev. St. Andrew’s Cure, Albert TownTrelawny
St. James, Craighead
St. Silas, Troy
St. Peter’s, Wait-A-Bit
St. Barnabas, Warsop
Blackwood, Dwane, Rev. Church of the Ascension, (Garrison Church)Up Park Camp
Blackwood, Seymour, Rev (SM)Church of Ascension, MonaSt. AndrewSundays – 8am – Holy Eucharist Evening Prayer- Second Sundays at 5:30pm
Blake, Natalie Rev.Christian Education (Special Assignment)
Blake, Winston R. Rev. (SM)St. Barnabas’, SiloahSt. Elizabeth
Brackett, Ulit Washington, Rev. (SM)St. Barnabas, Mile Gully
St. Lawrence, Devon
Bramwell, Jacqueline, Rev. (SM)St. John’s, Ocho RiosSt. AnnService – 10:30am
Bramwell, Rose, Rev. (SM)St. Jude’s, Stony HillSt. AndrewService-Eucharist-7:30 am, other churches begin at 11 am
Brown, Kirk, Rev.St. Michael’s, Clark’s Town
St. Matthew’s, Jackson Town
St. Barnabas, Duncans
St. Mark’s, Rio Bueno
TrelawnySundays – 7:30 a.m.
Wednesdays – 9:00 a.m.
Sundays – 10:30 a.m.
Thursdays – 9:00 a.m.
Sunday – 10:00 a.m.
Sunday – 11:30 a.m.
Brown, Michael Rev.On Leave
Buchanan, Barrington, Rev.St Thomas, LacoviaSt. Elizabeth
Campbell, Garfield R, Rev.St Mark’s Cure, Brown’s Town
St. Luke’s, Aboukir
St. Andrew’s. Bamboo (C/E)
St. Thomas. Stewart Town (C/E)
St. James, Gibraltar (C/E)
St. Barnabas, Madras (C/E)
St. AnnSundays – 8:00 a.m.
Sunday School – 8:15 a.m.
Sundays – 11:30 a.m.
Campbell, Monique, Rev.St. Ann’s Bay, Parish Church
St. Saviour’s, Lime Hall (M)
St. Mark’s, Chester (Chapel of Ease)
St. Agnes Mission, Priory
St. AnnSundays – 7:00 am, Sunday School 7am, Wednesday 7am, Bible Study Wednesday Morning & Evening @6pm, Christmas & Easter – 5am, Lent 5pm
Sundays – 9:30 am  Christmas & Easter – 7:30am.
Sundays – 11:30 am except Christmas and Easter
Sundays – 9:30 am including Christmas and Easter.
Carridice, Courtney, Rev.The CathedralSt. CatherineSundays – 8:00 am
Coley, Delroy, Rev. (SM)St. Dorothy’s Cure, Old HarbourSt. CatherineSundays: Holy Eucharist – 7:30am
Holy Trinity, Old Harbour
St. Philips, Old Harbour Bay
St. Michael & St. George, Free Town (M)
Cunningham, Patrick, VenerableSt. Luke’s, Cross RoadsSt. Andrew
St. Phillip’s, Whitfield Town
Danvers, Charles, Rev. (SM)St. Augustine’s, PorusManchester
Donald, Beverly, Rev.Chaplain, Kingston Public Hospital & Children’s HospitalSt. Andrew
Downer, Marjorie, Rev.St. Peter’s, Pedro PlainSt. ElizabethSundays – 8am-Holy Eucharist. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study – Wednesday 5:30pm
All Saints, NewellSundays – 10:30am. Bible Study – Thursdays – 5pm
St. Matthew’s, Orange GrooveSundays – 8am. Bible Study – Tuesdays – 5pm
St. Paul’s, Barbary HallSundays – 10:30am. Bible Study & Prayer Meeting – Tuesdays – 5pm
St. Augustine’s, MountainsideSundays – 8am. Bible Study – Tuesdays – 6pm
The Epiphany, Big WoodsSundays – 10:30am. 
Duncan, Monnecia, Rev.St. Mark’s Parish Church, MandevilleManchester
Dyer, Errol Lloyd (SM)St. Matthew’s, Jackson TownTrelawnySundays – 10:30 a.m.
Thursdays – 9:00 a.m.
Elliott, Michael, Rev. Fr. St. Mark’s MandevilleMANCHESTERSundays – 8:00am – Holy Eucharist
Mandeville Manchester
Evans, Daren, RevOverseas
Fairweather-Wilson, Jean, Very Rev.Church of the Holy Trinity,
All Saints’, The Abbey
St. David’s, Yallahs
St. Paul’s, Danvers Pen
St. John’s, Woburn Lawn
St. Paul’s, Danvers Pen
St. Thomas1st & 3rd – Sundays -11:30am –  Holy Eucharist 
2nd & 4th – Morning Prayer
Sunday School 4:00 PM
1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays – 11:00am  – Morning Prayer
Holy Eucharist – 4th – 11:00 am
Sunday School – 11:00am
Wednesdays: 10:am Prayer Meeting & Bible Study
Thursdays: 5:30pm Choir Practice
Baptism Preparation, Interviews
Marriage Counselling by appointment
1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays – 11:00am  – Morning Prayer
Gayle, Bertram, Rev.St. Andrew Parish ChurchSt. Andrew
Gayle, Olando, Rev.St. Mary’s SouthfieldSt. Elizabeth
St. Mark’s Mayfield
St. David’s, Morningside
St. Alban’s, Stanmore
St. Paul’s, Tryall
St. Aidan’s (M), Bull Savannah
Geddes-McDonald, Lorraine, Rev. (SM)St. Dorothy’s Cure, Old HarbourSt. Catherine
Golding, Leon P,  Rt. Rev.Suffragan Bishop of Montego BaySt. James
Gooden, Sedley, Rev.St. GEORGE’S, Buff Bay
St. JAMES’, Birnamwood
St. John’s, Bybrook
St. Matthew’s, Mount Herman
St. Michael’s, Fruitful Vale
St. Paul’s, Claverty Cottage C/E
St. Peter’s, Hope Bay
Maidstone C/E
Grant, Basil, Rev. (SM)St. Mark’s, MandevilleManchester
Greene, Vinton, Very Rev.St. Mary’s Cure, Rural HillPortland
Gregory, Howard, Rt. Rev. Dr.Bishop of Jamaica & the Cayman IslandsArchbishop of the West Indies
Hall, Alwyn O. Rev.On Leave
Haughton, Lenworth Rev.On Leave
Honeyghan, Khan, Rev. St. Jude’s, Stony Hill
St. James, Mt James
St. Christopher – Cavaliers
St. Philip – Brandon Hill
St. AndrewSundays – 7:30am – Holy Eucharist
Honeyghan, Rory, Rev.Christ Church Cure, Port AntonioPortlandSundays – 7:30am – Holy Eucharist
St. Paul, Nonsuch (mission)1st & 3rd Sundays – 11:00 am  Holy Eucharist, 2nd & 4th Morning Prayer 
St. Stephen’s, St. Margaret’s Bay (mission)2nd & 4th Sundays – 2:00 pm – Holy Eucharist, 1st & 3rd – 8 am – Morning Prayer.
St. Jude’s, Bourbon (mission)2nd & 4th Sundays – 11:00 am – Holy Eucharist, 1st & 3rd – Morning Prayer.
Hurst, Louis, Rev. Fr.Kingston Parish ChurchKingston
Hutchinson, Seymour, Rev. (SM)St. Cyprian’s, HighgateSt. Mary
Jackson, Franklyn, Very Rev. Fr.Church of St. Margaret, Liguanea
St. Joseph’s, The Grove
St. Cyprian’s, August Town
St. Andrew
Johnson, Leroy, Rev.St. George’s, Savanna-la-Mar
St. Barnabas’, George’s Plain
All Saints’, Meylersfield
Johnson, Patricia, Rev.Church of the Good ShepherdSt. AndrewSundays – 9:00am – Holy Eucharist
Wednesdays    5pm. Evening Prayer
Jones, Barrington. Rev.St. Boniface Cure, Harbour View
St. Thomas Main Road
Harbour View, Kingston 17
Church Office: (876) 938-6712
e-mail: [email protected]
St. Peter’s, Port Royal;            
Church Street 
Port Royal, Kingston 1
St. Martins,  Bull Bay
10 Miles, Bull Bay
Kingston Sundays – 7.30 am – Holy Eucharist – 1st, 3rd & 4th Sunday

Sunday School: Weekly – Sunday 8.00 am.
Anglican Youth Fellowship: Weekly – Sunday 10.00 am.
Bible Study & Prayer Circle:

Sundays 10.00 a.m; Holy Eucharist – 2nd & 4th Sunday
Keane-Dawes, Ronald Rev. Fr.Church of the Holy Trinity, LinsteadSt. Catherine
SS Simon and Jude, Ewarton
St. John’s OPC, Guanaboa Vale
St. Thomas-ye-Vale, Bog Walk
Kinkead, Khaliah, Rev.Overseas/On Leave
Kitson, Sirrano, Rev. Canon Maj. DrSt. Andrew Parish Church, HWTSt. AndrewSundays – 6:30 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
St. Clement’s, Kencot (Chapel of Ease)Sundays – 10:30 a.m.
St. Thomas Mission, Majesty GardensSundays – 10:30 a.m.
Lambert, Owen, Rev.  (SM)St. David’s, SnowdonManchester
Lewis, Don, Rev.St. Mary’s, Montpelier St. James
St. Stephen’s, Cambridge
St. Matthew’s, Catadupa
St. Saviour’s, Chichester
All Saints’, Chester Castle
St. Mark’s, Chigwell
St. Paul’s Cure, ChapeltonClarendon
Llewellyn, Cleve  Rev. (SM)St. Mary’s, MontpelierSt. James
Major-Campbell, Sean, RevChrist Church, Vineyard TownKingston
Manderson, Charles, Very Rev. CanonChurch of Reconciliation
St. Paul’s Greater Portmore
St. Catherine
Martin, D Antonio, Rev. Dr.Christ Church, ChristianaSt. Elizabeth
McDonald, Icilda, Rev. (SM)St. Matthew’s, ClaremontSt. Ann
McLaren, Zelphya, Rev.St. Augustine’s, Coral GardensSt. James
McLean, Robert, Very Rev. Overseas
McLeod, Basil E, Very Rev.St Peter’s, FalmouthTrelawny
Mellish, Horace Bryan  (SM)St. James Parish ChurchSt. James
Moore, Sydney, Rev.All Saint’s, West StreetKingston
Mowatt, Leslie, Rev.St. Mary the Virgin, Marverly
Church of the Resurrection, Duhaney Park
St. Paul’s, Tower Hill

St. AndrewSundays 7.30 am – Holy Eucharist
Sunday School 8.00 am; Bible Study Tuesday 6.00 pm
Prayer Meeting Thursday 10.30 am
Sundays – 9.30am – Holy Eucharist
Bible Study Thursday 6.00pm
Prayer Meeting 3 rd Saturday 10.00 am
Sunday School 10.00 am
Sundays – 11.00am – Morning Prayer
Bible Study Thursday 04.00 pm
Sunday School 10.30 am
Munroe, Milverton Rev.
Murdock, Vincent, Rev.
Nembhard, Justin, Very. Rev. CanonSt. James Parish Church, Montego Bay
St. Francis, Glendevon
St. James
Newsome, Melvin, Rev. (SM)St. Mary’s, MontpelierSt. James
St. Stephen’s, Cambridge
St. Matthew’s, Catadupa
Nisbeth, Shawn, Rev. Retired
Nugent, Isaac,  Rev. (SM)St. Michael’s, Kew ParkWestmoreland
Perrin, Hartley, Very Rev. Canon the Hon.St. John’s, Darliston
St. Barnabas’, Beeston Spring
St. James’, New Roads
St. Matthias, Kentucky
St. Peter’s, Petersfield
Poinsett, Beverly, Rev.   (SM)St. Jago de la Vega, The CathedralSt. Catherine
Powell, Abner, Rev. CanonAll Saints’, West StreetKingston
Prendergast, Kamar , Rev.The Cathedral
Reid, Andrew, Rev.Holy Trinity Cure, Westgate
Holy Cross Mission
Montego Bay
Reid, Collin, Very Rev. CanonSt. Jago de la Vega, The Cathedral
Holy Trinity, Spanish Town
St. John’s, Sligoville
St. Joseph’s, Innswood/McCook’s Pen
St. Matthew’s, Mt. Moorland
St. Barnabas, Crescent
St. CatherineSundays 8:00am Holy Eucharist
Reid, David A. “Tony”, Rev.St. Thomas’ Cure, LacoviaSt. ElizabethSundays 8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist
Church of the Holy Trinity, WhitehallSundays 11:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist on 1st & 3rd.     Morning Prayer/Matins 2nd & 4th
St. Jude’s, SlipeSundays – 11:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist 2nd & Alternate 4th.    Morning Prayer/Matins other Sundays
St. Margaret’s, MiddlesexSundays – 11:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist 2nd & 10:30am Alternate 4th.     Morning Prayer/Matins other Sundays 10:30am Alt 4th 
Rowe, Beulah, Rev.(SM)St. Peter’s Cure, Pedro PlainSt. Elizabeth
Riley, Elizabeth, Rev.St. Luke’s, Cross RoadsSt. Andrew
Robinson, Shirley, Rev.St Peter’s Alley 
Ruddock, Ula, Rev. (SM)Holy Trinity, Grange Hill Cure
Russell, Milton, Rev.   (SM)St. Peter’s Cure, Pedro PlainSt. Elizabeth
Satchell, Veront, Rev. Prof. Dr.  (SM)Church of Ascension, MonaSt. Andrew
Sharp, Paul, Rev.The CathedralSt.Catherine
Simpson, Marlon, A Rev.On Leave
Small, Jerome, Rev.St. George’s, Georgetown, Grand CaymanGRAND CAYMAN;
Solomon, Michael, Rev.Holy Trinity, Grange Hill Cure
Church of the Transfiguration, Mt. Grace
St. James’, Grange
St. Luke’s,Cessnock
Sutherland, Miranda, Rev. (SM)Overseas
Taylor-Younge, Ransford , Rev.Holy Trinity, RetreatSt. Mary1st & 3rd Sundays – 8:00am – Holy Eucharist       Matins – 8:00am – 2nd & 4th 
St. John’s, Gayle1st Sundays – 9:00am Matins  11:00am – Holy Eucharist; Matins – 11:00am – 3rd Sundays
St. Andrew’s, Labyrinth3rd Sundays – 11:00am – Holy Eucharist;Matins – 11am – 1st  & 2nd 4th sundays
St. Matthew’s, Boscobel1st – Sundays – 8:00am – Holy Eucharist Matins – 8:00am – 1st & 3rd – 
St. Margaret’s, Clifton Lodge2nd Sundays – 9:00am – Matins   Matins 11:00am – 3rd and 4th
Thaxter, Kenneth, Rev. Dr. (SM)RETIREDManchester
Thomas, Veronica, Rev.St Mary’s, NegrilWestmoreland
Thomas, Winston, VenerableSt. Gabriel’s, May Pen
All Saints’, Richmond Park
St. James’, Hayes
St. John’s, Palmers Cross C/E
St. Paul’s, Mocho
All Saints’, Richmond Park
St. James’, Hayes
St. John’s, Palmers Cross C/E
St. Paul’s, Mocho
Thompson, Robert, Rt. Rev. Dr.RETIRED Bishop of Kingston
Tucker, Richard, Very Rev.St. John’s, Ocho Rios
St. Francis, Hiattsfield
St. Agnes, Salisbury
St. AnnSundays-8 a.m.; Mon-Thurs-7 a.m
11:00 a.m. (1st & 3rd – Eucharist; 2nd & 4th – Morning Prayer)
10:30 a.m. (1st & 3rd – Morning Prayer; 2nd & 4th – Eucharist)
Vaughan, Hilda Rev.St. Matthew’s, Santa Cruz
St. Andrew’s – Gilnock
St. Stephen’s – Nain
Church of the Holy Spirit – Pepper
The Transfiguration – Leeds
St. Elizabeth
Warner, Stephanie, Rev.Overseas
White, Rita, Rev. (SM)St. Michael’s, BelfieldSt. Mary
Wiggan, Melrose, Rev. (SM)Church of St. Margaret, LiguaneaSt. Andrew
Wiggan, Wesley, Rev.  (SM)St. John’s, Black RiverSt. Elizabeth
Williams, Whitson, Rev.St. Matthew’s, Allman TownKingston
Willis, William, Rev. (SM)Overseas
Wilson, Ulric  (SM)ST. PETER’S, AlleyClarendon


Cunningham, Elaine, (DSS) Dr.Former Principal St. Hugh’s High School St. Andrew
Peters, Esmin (DSS) (ret.)St. Andrew
Vernon, Evelyn (DSS)  [on leave]


Allen, Reillette, Sis.St. Paul’s, Greater PortmoreSt. Catherine
Angus, Flo Celia, Sis.St. Mary the Virgin, Marverly
Barrett, Stephanie Sheryl, Sis.St. Paul’s, Chapelton
Bent, Sanchia,   Sis.St. Paul’s, Greater Portmore
Campbell, Ranford Stephen, Capt.St. Michael’s, Mavis Bank 
Dawkins, Rohan, Capt.Church of Reconciliation, Bridgeport
Edwards, Thera Hyacinthe,  Sis.University Chapel, Mona
Givans, Christopher,  Capt.Church of Ascension, Mona
Hall, Agnes Nicolette, Sis. St. Mark’s, Mandeville P. C.
Hall, Clarence Anthony, Capt.St. Mark’s, Mandeville P. C
Hamilton, Marcia Noeline, Sis. St. Luke’s, Cross Roads
Howard, Carol Juliet, SisChurch of the Holy Trinity, Linstead
James, Hortense, Sis.St. George’s, East Street
Ledgister, Dawn, Sis.Church of the Holy Spirit, Cumberland
Levien, Doris, Sis.  (Ret) St. Andrew
Lue-Bernard, Cynthia, Sis (Ret)
Marshall, Claudette A. L. Sis. Jamaica Church Missionary Society
Moss, Myrel,  Sis.St. Monica’s Children’s Home, ChapeltonClarendon
Nisbeth, Sharon, Sis.
Oliver, James, Capt.
Plummer, O’dayne  Capt.Church of the Holy Spirit, Cumberland
Prince, Shirley  Sis  (Ret)
Roberts, Alverine D.  SisSt. Gabriel’s, May PenClarendon
Shirley-Newnham, Suzanne Elizabeth Sis. Dr.University Chapel, Mona
Simpson, Fiona, Sis.Church of the Transfiguration, Meadowbrook
Smith, Rupertia, Sis.
Stewart, Melvorn, SisHoly Trinity, WestgateSt. James
Taylor-Smith, Andrea, SisHead of Church Army
St. Andrew Parish Church
St. Andrew
Thompson, Norma, Sis (Ret.)
Tinker-Whyte, Colleen Jacqueline,  Sis.St. Paul’s Mission Greater PortmoreSt. Catherine
Walton, Molly, SisRetired Head – Church Army


Blake, Natalie, Rev.Christian EducationChurch House
Brown, Michael, RevOn leave
Buchanan, Barrington, Rev.Principal, Black River High School, St. Elizabeth
Carey, Melvin, Rev.Chaplain, University Hospital of the West Indies
Francis, Kenute, RevOverseas
Jennings, Edward, Rev.Chaplain, Prisons
Jervis, Georgia, Rev. Canon Dr.Diocesan Training OfficerChurch House
Minott, Garth, Rev. CanonAnglican Warden, United Theological College of the West Indies
Donald, Beverly, Rev.Chaplain, Kingston Public Hospital & Children’s HospitalSt. Andrew
Parkes, R. M. “Jim”, Rev.
Smalling, Denston, Rev.Chaplain, Jamaica Defense Force
Garrison Church of the Ascension
Chapel of Ease
Up Park CampSundays – 7:30 am – Holy Eucharist; (Major Holy Days)
Morning Prayer 9:00 am
Tulloch, Carlton, Rev.On Leave
Warner, Stephanie, Rev.On Leave – Overseas


Bogle, Paul Rev.
Braham, Renaldo O, Rev.
Brown, Annett, Very Rev.
Carey, Melvin, Rev. (SM)
Clarke, Peter D., Rev.
Clarke, Gervaise, Rev. Canon
Cohen, C.E. Vivian, Rev. Canon
Daniel, Judith, Rev. Canon
Daniel, Harold, Rt. Rev.
Davis, Edmund, Ven.
Fisher, Gladstone, Rev. – Deceased
Forbes, Jean, Rev.
Forbes, Marcia, Rev.
Gordon, Ernle, Rev. Canon – Deceased
Graham, Mary, Rev.;
Guntley-McKenzie, Rev. Dr. Venice
Hall, Doreen, Rev.
Hoo Sang, Leslie, Rev.
Jones, Harold, Rev.
Kerr, Denniston, Rev. – Deceased
Lee, Easton, Rev – Deceased
Lewis, Kenrick, Rev
Lindsay, William, Rev.
Lindo, Astley, Rev.
Lynch, Hollis, Ven.
Martin-Rhodes, Lilla, Rev.
Mullings, Peter, Rev. Canon
Murdock, Vincent, Rev.
Ottey, Anthony, Rev.
Phillips, Cheryl, Rev.
Prince, Glenbert, Rev. Canon
Reid, Alfred, Rt. Rev.
Richards, Horace, Rev.
Roach, Elizabeth, Rev.
Robertson, Egbert, Rev. Canon
Samuda, Robin, Rev.
Samuda, Vincent, Rev. – Deceased
Scott, Vernon, Rev. – Deceased
Smalling, Perline, Rev.  (SM) 
Soares, Barrington, Very Rev.
Stephens, Eric, Rev
Stone, Alvin, Venerable
Sutton, Marion, Rev
Thomas, George, Rev. Canon
Tulloch, Alton, Very Rev. Dr.
Lewis, Larius, Rev