Church Army

Members are listed alphabetically. The list includes those to whom Churches/Cures are assigned.

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Allen, Reillette, Sis.St. Paul’s, Greater PortmoreSt. Catherine
Allen-Lowe, LornaChurch of St. Margaret’s, LiguaneaSt. Andrew
Angus, Flo Celia, Sis.St. Mary the Virgin, Marverly
Bailey, MonicaBrandon Hill, St. Jude’s Cure
Barnaby, LoraineChurch of the Ascension, Mona
Barnett, CurtisSt. Barnabas, Duncans
Barrett, BrentonChrist Church, Morant Bay
Barrett, Stephanie Sheryl, Sis.St. Paul’s, Chapelton
Bent, Sanchia,   Sis.St. Paul’s, Greater Portmore
Billings, NicoleSt. James Parish Church
Brown, DahliaSt. Barnabas, Duncans
Brown, LornaChrist Church, Morant Bay
Browne, ClaudineSt. Matthew’s, Allman Town
Campbell, MaydeneUWI Mona Chapel
Campbell, Ranford Stephen, Capt.St. Michael’s, Mavis Bank 
Chatoor, RussellChurch of St. Margaret’s, Liguanea
Davidson, Debra-AnnCathedral of St. Jago de la Vega
Dawkins, SoniaSt. George’s Anglican, Barton
Dawkins, Rohan, Capt.Church of Reconciliation, Bridgeport
Edwards, Thera Hyacinthe,  Sis.University Chapel, Mona
Givans, Christopher,  Capt.Church of Ascension, Mona
Gordon, RhondaSt. Mary Parish Church
Grant-Smith, TiffanySt. Bartholomew, Dalmally, Hanover
Gray, EvelynChurch of St. Patrick’s, Windward Road
Gregory, CarolUWI Mona Chapel
Hall, Agnes Nicolette, Sis. St. Mark’s, Mandeville P. C.
Hall, Clarence Anthony, Capt.St. Mark’s, Mandeville P. C
Hamilton, Marcia Noeline, Sis. St. Luke’s, Cross Roads
Howard, Carol Juliet, SisChurch of the Holy Trinity, Linstead
Hurditt-Baker, NadineSt. Joseph the Grove, Gordon Town
Jackson, NavetaSt. Silas Mission, Mt Airy
James, Hortense, Sis.St. George’s, East Street
Kerr-DeSilva, EricaSt. James Parish Church
Ledgister, Dawn, Sis.Church of the Holy Spirit, Cumberland
Levien, Doris, Sis.  (Ret) St. Andrew
Lue-Bernard, Cynthia, Sis (Ret)
Marshall, Claudette A. L. Sis. Jamaica Church Missionary Society
Morgan-Kanhai, AngelaSt. Matthew’s, Allman Town
Moss, Myrel,  Sis.St. Monica’s Children’s Home, ChapeltonClarendon
Nisbeth, Sharon, Sis.
Oliver, James, Capt.
Parchment, KemarChurch of St. Mary the Virgin, Molynes Road
Phillips, PauletteChurch of St. Mary the Virgin, Negril
Plummer, O’dayne  Capt.Church of the Holy Spirit, Cumberland
Prince, Shirley  Sis  (Ret)
Rhodd, DonaldChurch of St. Margaret’s, Liguanea
Roberts, Alverine D.  SisSt. Gabriel’s, May PenClarendon
Shirley-Newnham, Suzanne Elizabeth Sis. Dr.University Chapel, Mona
Simpson, Fiona, Sis.Church of the Transfiguration, Meadowbrook
Smith, MarySt. Matthew’s Allman Town
Smith, OdeenSt. Bartholomew, Dalmally, Hanover
Smith, Rupertia, Sis.
Stewart, Melvorn, SisHoly Trinity, WestgateSt. James
Taylor-Smith, Andrea, SisHead of Church Army
St. Andrew Parish Church
St. Andrew
Thompson, Norma, SisRETIRED Head – Church Army
Tomlinson-Jones, TamaliaSt. Michael’s and All Angels, Victoria Avenue
Tinker-Whyte, Colleen Jacqueline,  Sis.St. Paul’s Mission Greater PortmoreSt. Catherine
Walton, Molly, SisRETIRED Head – Church Army