Cycle of Prayer – General

The Diocesan Prayer Cycle has been developed in order to ensure that Anglican clergy, church workers and congregations are upheld in prayer around the Diocese. Wherever possible, congregations have been identified and placed on, preceding or close to the Feast Days with which they are associated. The Prayer Cycle has been organized on a weekly basis, especially for use within congregational Sunday worship. Where there are several churches with the same name, these have been grouped under the name and by district. ‘Vacant’ indicates that there is no priest in charge.

You are invited to pray weekly for the following:

– The Most Rev. Howard Gregory, Archbishop of the Church in the Province of the West Indies & Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
– Rt. Rev. Robert Thompson, Suffragan Bishop of Kingston
– Rt. Rev. Leon Golding, Suffragan Bishop of Montego Bay

Retired Bishops:

– Rt. Rev. Harold Daniel

Visioning Prayer

Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven and on earth, and by whose grace we have been called into a goodly fellowship of faith: Send down upon our bishops, other clergy, and all your faithful people an outpouring of your Holy Spirit for the renewal and mission of your Church. Give us a vision of where you would lead your Church, and so discern new things that you are doing in your Church and the world. By your grace, save us from unnecessary distractions, so that we may be able to determine your will for us, go forward perceiving that which is right, and have the courage to pursue the same, to the end that we may utilise the gifts which you have given to each of us for the furtherance of your will in simplicity, confidence and steadfastness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



November 2019 – January 2020

*Vacant means – No Rector or Priest-In-Charge or Curate-In-Charge, However in some cases, a SM – Supplementary Minister is assigned


All Saints’, Churches in: Bellas Gate Paul Bogle
  Chester Castle Don Lewis, Cleve Lewellyn(SM), Melvin Newsome(SM)
  Crofts Hill Vacant, William Willis (SM)
  Fellowship Vacant
  Guy’s Hill Vacant, Richard Anderson (SM)
  Meylersfield Leroy Johnson
  Mt. Providence Larius Lewis, Myrel Moss (CA), Stephanie Barrett  (AE)
  Newell Vacant, Milton Russell (SM), Beulah Rowe (SM)
  Richmond Park Winston Thomas, Alverine Roberts(CA)
  The Abbey Jean Fairweather-Wilson
  West Street Abner Powell
All Souls’,  Brompton David Reid
St. Elizabeth’s Mason Hall Charles Manderson
St. Leonard’s,  Blue Hole Vacant, Zelphya McLaren (SM)
    Pray for the Brotherhood of St. Andrew as they have their 
    convention at the end of the week
St. Martin’s churches in:  Bull Bay Barrington Jones
  Martin Vacant, Seymour Hutchinson (SM), Rita White (SM)
  Mt. Trinity Vacant, Winston Blake (SM)
  Padmore Edward Jennings, Melvin Carey (SM), Paul Sharp (SM), Fiona Simpson (SM)
St. Margaret’s churches in:     
  Clifton Lodge Ransford Taylor-Younge
  Liguanea Franklyn Jackson, Melrose Wiggan (SM)
  Long Road Vacant
  Middlesex David Reid
St. Clement’s,  Kencot Sirrano Kitson, Mark Jones, Craig Mears, Andrea Taylor-Smith (CA.)
    Pray for the Chaplain of the Jamaica Defense Force – Lt Col. The Rev. Denston Smalling.
Churches named for St. Andrew in: Half Way Tree  Sirrano Kitson,  Mark Jones, Andrea Taylor-Smith(CA), Craig Mears
  Golden Grove Vacant
  Rocky Point Vacant
  Albert Town Cleverton Beckford
  Bamboo Garfield Campbell, Judith Atkinson-Linton (SM)
  Caymanas         Michael Elliott, O’Dayne Plummer (AE) Dawn Ledgister (AE)
  Gilnock Dwane Blackwood
  Harmons Shawn Nisbeth, Charles Danvers (SM)
  Labyrinth Ransford Taylor-Younge
  Marle Hill Paul Bogle
  Prickly Pole Vacant, Icilda McDonald (SM)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
    Cathedral Sunday – pray for Collin Reid, Howard Walters, Rupertia Smith (AE) and the staff of the Cathedral Church and the Cathedral Chapter;
Sunday, December 1   Pray for retired Bishops and Clergy of the Diocese; Clergy in special assignments.
Sunday, December 8   Church musicians – Choirs and Choir Directors, Organists and instrumentalists; Diocesan Festival Choir
Sunday, December 15    
Church of the Holy Spirit,  Cumberland Michael Elliott, O’Dayne Plummer (AE)
Dawn Ledgister (AE)
  Pepper Dwane Blackwood
St. Thomas the Apostle Kingston Louis Hurst
Church of St. Thomas in: Bath Vacant
  Bluefields Vacant
  Bog Walk Ronald Keane-Dawes, Richard Anderson (SM), Carol Howard (AE)
  Kings Vacant
  Lacovia David Reid,
  Majesty Gardens Sirrano Kitson, Mark Jones, Craig Mears, Andrea Taylor-Smith (SM)
  Manchioneal Vinton Greene
  Race Course Vacant
  Stewart Town Garfield Campbell, Judith Atkinson-Linton (SM)
Sunday, December 22    
St. Stephen’s Churches in: Arlington Vacant, Wesley Wiggan (SM)
  Cambridge Don Lewis,  Cleve Lewellyn (SM), Melvin Newsome (SM)
  Chantilly Shawn Nisbeth, Charles Danvers (SM)
  Cornwall Mountain Isaac Nugent
  Litchfield Basil McLoed
  Maryland Vacant, Ranford Campbell (AE)
  Nain Dwane Blackwood
  St. Margaret’s Bay Rory Honeyghan
  Thornton Vacant
St. John’s Churches in: Cooper’s Hill Vacant
  Darliston Hartley Perrin
  Gayle Ransford Taylor-Younge
  Grace Hill Vacant
  Merrivale Melvin Carey (SM), Paul Sharp (SM), Fiona Simpson (AE)
  Ocho Rios Richard Tucker, Jacqueline Bramwell (SM)
  Palmers Cross Winston Thomas, Alvarine Roberts(CA)
  Portland Cottage Vacant
  Sligoville Collin Reid, Howard Walters, Rupertia Smith (AE)
  Windsor Forrest Vacant 
  Woburn Lawn Jean Fairweather-Wilson
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 29   Pray for all Diocesan Church organisations
    That their plans for the coming year will be fulfilled and lives changed
    Pray for the Anglican Communion worldwide:
    The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Rev. Justin Welby;
    Secretary-General of the Anglican Communion; Most Rev. Josiah Idowu-Fearon; 
    Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council, Most Rev. Paul Kwong;
    We pray for the Bishop’s Commissaries in:
    England  … Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin
    Wales     … Rev. Canon Denzil Huw Mosford
    Canada   … Rev. Anthony Jemmott
    USA         … Rev. Donovan Leyes, Very Rev. Horace Ward
Churches named for The Epiphany:    
  Richmond Vacant, Seymour Hutchinson (SM), Rita White (SM)
  Bigwoods Milton Russell (SM), Beulah Rowe (SM)
SUNDAY, JANUARY 12   Pray for the work of the World Council of Churches; The Jamaica Council of Churches led by  The Rev. Merlyn Hyde-Riley – President, Rev. Gary Harriott – General Secretary; and all leaders of the Christian Church.
St. Agatha’s Church Bromley Vacant, Seymour Hutchinson (SM), Rita White (SM)
St. Agnes’ Churches in: Salisbury Richard Tucker, Jacqueline Bramwell (SM)
  Grange Nina-Rae Barrett
  Priory Monique Campbell
    Today we pray for the Anglican Communion and our Churches in all the countries of the world.
    January 18-25 is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and we pray for the Jamaica Council of Churches and all those who work for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ including the Jamaica Church Missionary Society. We pray for all Ecumenical partnerships and missionary endeavors around the world.
Conversion of St. Paul Portmore Charles Manderson, Colleen Tinker-Whyte(AE), Reilette Allen (AE), Sanchia Bent (AE),
Rohan Dawkins (AE), James Oliver (AE)
    Pray for all Diocesan Boards and Committees;

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