Cycle of Prayer – General

The Diocesan Prayer Cycle has been developed in order to ensure that Anglican clergy, church workers and congregations are upheld in prayer around the Diocese. Wherever possible, congregations have been identified and placed on, preceding or close to the Feast Days with which they are associated. The Prayer Cycle has been organized on a weekly basis, especially for use within congregational Sunday worship. Where there are several churches with the same name, these have been grouped under the name and by district. ‘Vacant’ indicates that there is no priest in charge.

You are invited to pray weekly for the following:

– Rt. Rev. Howard Gregory, Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
– Rt. Rev. Robert Thompson, Suffragan Bishop of Kingston
– Rt. Rev. Leon Golding, Suffragan Bishop of Montego Bay

Retired Bishops:

– Rt. Rev. Harold Daniel
– Rt. Rev. Alfred Reid

Visioning Prayer

Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven and on earth, and by whose grace we have been called into a goodly fellowship of faith: Send down upon our bishops, other clergy, and all your faithful people an outpouring of your Holy Spirit for the renewal and mission of your Church. Give us a vision of where you would lead your Church, and so discern new things that you are doing in your Church and the world. By your grace, save us from unnecessary distractions, so that we may be able to determine your will for us, go forward perceiving that which is right, and have the courage to pursue the same, to the end that we may utilise the gifts which you have given to each of us for the furtherance of your will in simplicity, confidence and steadfastness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.




PROVINCIAL SUNDAY On Provincial Sunday – we offer special Prayers for the Church in the Province of the West Indies and pray for:  His Grace, The Most Rev. John Walder Dunlop Holder, Archbishop of the West Indies, Primate & Metropolitan and all the Bishops of the Province.
    The Provincial Chancellor  
    Provincial Registrar – Mary Haynes
    Provincial Secretary – Elenor Lawrence; the Staff of the CPWI Secretariat. 
    The Principal, Staff and Students of Codrington College  
    The Warden – Garth Minott; Staff and Seminarians of the United Theological College of the West Indies
    Pray for Anglican Women’s Cursillo taking place this weekend.
St. Dorothy’s Church Old Harbour Lorraine Geddes-McDonald, Delroy Coley
    Pray for those attending the Diocesan Clergy Conference
  Pray for Diocesan Committees: Diocesan Council and Financial Board and Chairman Michael Fennell; all Diocesan Boards, Regional Councils, Bishop’s Examining Chaplains.
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18 Pray for all Rural Deans:  Sean Major-Campbell,  Collin Reid,   Franklyn Jackson, Charles Manderson,  Barrington Soares,  Hartley Perrin, Jean Fairweather-Wilson, Richard Tucker, Vinton Greene, Leroy Johnson, Annett Brown.
    Pray for those attending the Diocesan Clergy Conference
St. Matthias’  Churches in: Middleton Ulric Wilson
  Kentucky Hartley Perrin
    Pray for women in ordained ministry especially in our Diocese.
St. David’s Churches in:    
  Brittonville Icilda McDonald
  Morningside Renaldo Braham
  Snowdon Owen Lambert 
  Yallahs Jean Fairweather-Wilson
    Pray for all Women’s organizations which work for and support the pastoral efforts of the Church
    Pray for those participating in Diocesan Pre Synod Meetings during this week.
St. Gregory’s Church in:  Red Hills Vacant
    Pray for the work of the Diocesan Women’s’ Auxiliary and National  President – Miss Kirby Clarke; National Chairman – Miss Veronica Burbage and all officers of the Executive, Deanery leaders and groups
    Pray for Retired clergy and church workers of the Diocese
St. Patrick’s Churches in:  Devon Pen C/E Vacant
  Providence Owen Lambert
  Windward Road Alton Tulloch 
St. Joseph’s Churches in: The Grove Franklyn Jackson, Melrose Wiggan
  Belvedere Vacant
  Innswood/McCook’s Pen Collin Reid, Beverley Poinsett, Dwayne Blackwood, Rupertia Smith
    Pray for the Diocesan Mothers’ Union and especially the President – Mrs. Hermine Price as well as Deanery Presiding members and branches island wide.
SUNDAY, MARCH 25 (Palm Sunday)  
St. Gabriel’s May Pen Winston Thomas, Alverine Roberts
  Woodside Seymour Hutchinson, Rita White 
SUNDAY, APRIL 1 (Easter)    
Church of the Resurrection Duhaney Park Leslie Mowatt, Molly Walton
    Pray for the Nuttall Memorial Hospital Board of Management, Chairman – Dr. Vin Lawrence, Chaplain – Rev. Leslie HooSang; doctors, nurses, patients and support staff.
    Pray for the Synod of the Church which meets during this week
    Pray for all Diocesan Boards and Committees; the Chancellor of the Diocese, Secretaries of Synod; the Diocesan Secretary; the staff of Church House. 
SUNDAY, APRIL 8    Pray for Youth Organisations of the Diocese – 
    Anglican Youth Fellowship, Anglican Young Adult Fellowship, Sunday School students and teachers
St. George’s Churches in: Blackstonedge Vacant
  East Street Hortense James (AE)
  Grand Cayman Mary Graham
  Bartons Paul Bogle
  Buff Bay Vacant
  Mile Gully Ulit Brackett
  Point Hill Cheryl Phillips 
  Savanna-la-Mar Leroy Johnson
St. Mark’s Churches in:  Beckford Kraal Larius Lewis,  Myrel Moss, CA
  Boston Vinton Greene
  Brown’s Town Garfield Campbell, Judith Atkinson-Linton
  Chester Monique Campbell
  Chigwell Don Lewis, Cleve Llewlyn, Melvin Newsome
  Craigton Vacant
  Ham Walk Vacant
  Hopewell Isaac Nugent
  Macca Tree Paul Bogle
  Mandeville Barrington Soares, Basil Grant, Natalie Blake, Kenneth Thaxter, Agnes Hall, Clarence Hall  
  Mayfield Renaldo Braham
  Rio Bueno Kirk Brown, Errol Dyer
  Scott’s Hall Vacant
SUNDAY, APRIL 29   Pray for newly appointed Boards and Committees named at the recent Synod of the Church.

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