Cycle of Prayer – General

The Diocesan Prayer Cycle has been developed in order to ensure that Anglican clergy, church workers and congregations are upheld in prayer around the Diocese. Wherever possible, congregations have been identified and placed on, preceding or close to the Feast Days with which they are associated. The Prayer Cycle has been organized on a weekly basis, especially for use within congregational Sunday worship. Where there are several churches with the same name, these have been grouped under the name and by district. ‘Vacant’ indicates that there is no priest in charge.

You are invited to pray weekly for the following:

– The Most Rev. Howard Gregory, Archbishop of the Church in the Province of the West Indies & Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
– Rt. Rev. Leon Golding, Suffragan Bishop of Montego Bay
– Rt. Rev. Garth Minott, Suffragan Bishop of Montego Bay

Retired Bishops:

– Rt. Rev. Harold Daniel
– Rt. Rev Robert Thompson

Visioning Prayer

Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven and on earth, and by whose grace we have been called into a goodly fellowship of faith: Send down upon our bishops, other clergy, and all your faithful people an outpouring of your Holy Spirit for the renewal and mission of your Church. Give us a vision of where you would lead your Church, and so discern new things that you are doing in your Church and the world. By your grace, save us from unnecessary distractions, so that we may be able to determine your will for us, go forward perceiving that which is right, and have the courage to pursue the same, to the end that we may utilise the gifts which you have given to each of us for the furtherance of your will in simplicity, confidence and steadfastness; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.




*Vacant means – No Rector or Priest-In-Charge or Curate-In-Charge, However in some cases, a SM – Supplementary Minister is assigned.

SM – Supplemental Minister, CA – Church Army

Christ Church in: Christiana Mark Jones
  Marley Vacant
  Moneague Vacant
  Morant Bay Ralph “Jim” Parkes, Ulric Wilson
  Port Antonio Vacant
  Vineyard Town Sean Major-Campbell,
Church of the Transfiguration in: Havendale Edward Jennings, Melvyn Carey
  Leeds Teddy Blake (SM)
  Mt. Grace Michael Solomon, Ula Ruddock 
    Pray for the nation as Jamaica recognizes its Anniversary of Emancipation and celebrates 60 years of Independence.
St. Saviour’s in:  Harewood Vacant
  Chichester Don T. Lewis, Cleve Llewllyn (SM), Melvin Newsome (SM)
  Lime Hall Monique Campbell
  Milk River Ulric Wilson
St. Lawrence Churches in: Camperdown Vacant
  Devon Vacant
St. Mary’s in Port Maria Vacant , Rhonda Barrett Gordon (AE)
  Marverly Leslie Mowatt, Molly Walton (CA), Flo Angus (AE)
  Lucea Nina-Rae Barrett, Odeen K. Smith (AE), Tiffany Grant Smith (AE)
  Montpelier Don T. Lewis, Cleve Llewellyn (SM), Melvin Newsome (SM)
  Negril Veronica D. Thomas
  Rose Hill Sedley Gooden
  Rural Hill Vincent Greene
  Southfield Olando Gayle  
  Woodford Ranford Campbell (AE)
St. Helena Sheffield Veronica D. Thomas
St. Bartholomew’s in:  Berkshire Isaac Nugent
  Dalmally Nina-Rae Barrett, Odeen K. Smith (AE), Tiffany Grant Smith (AE)
  Frankfield Vacant
  Good Hope, Kellitts Winston Blake (SM)
  Mulgrave Winston Blake (SM)
  Tom’s River Khan Honeyghan, Rose Bramwell, Monica Bailey, (AE)
St. Augustine’s in: Watermount Vacant
  Church Hill Nina-Rae Barrett, Odeen K. Smith, (AE), Tiffany Grant Smith, (AE)
  Coral Gardens Zelphya McLaren (SM)
  Mountainside Milton Russell (SM), Beulah Rowe (SM)
  Mt. Felix Vacant
  Porus Charles Danvers (SM)
St. Aidan’s in:  Belmore Castle Winston Blake (SM)
  Bull Savannah Olando Gayle
    Pray for Lay Readers and Chalice Bearers
    School Principals, Staff and students of Anglican Secondary, Primary and Preparatory Schools, Chaplains and Volunteer Chaplains, Director of Schools – Ena Barclay; Director of Christian Education – Rev. Javanie Byflield
Church of Reconciliation Portmore Charles Manderson
    Pray for Anglican Chaplains – Denston Smalling,                         Dwane Blackwood, Melrose Wiggan, Beverley Donald,         Melvorn Stewart, , Carlton Tulloch and all School Chaplains.
St. Cyprians churches in;  August Town Franklyn Jackson, Melrose Wiggan (SM)
  Highgate Seymour Hutchinson (SM), Rita White (SM)
Holy Cross Mission  Mt. Salem Andrew Reid, Melvorn Stewart (CA)
    Pray for:
    Diocesan Training Officer – Rev. Canon Dr. Georgia Jervis.
St. Matthew’s Churches in: Allman Town Whitson Williams, Mary Smith (AE), Claudine Browne (AE),              Angela Morgan-Kanhai (AE)               
  Aenon Town Vacant
  Boscobel Prince Ransford Taylor-Younge  
  Catadupa Don Lewis, Cleve Llewlyn (SM), Melvin Newsome (SM)
  Claremont Icilda McDonald (SM)
  Jack’s Hill Michael Allen, Seymour Blackwood (SM), Veront Satchell (SM)
Christopher Givans (AE), Javanie Byflield
  Jackson Town Errol Dyer (SM)
  Mt. Moorland Collin Reid, Courtney Carridice, Desland McKenzie (SM)       Rupertia Smith (AE)
  Orange Grove Marjorie Downer, Milton Russell (SM), Beulah Rowe (SM)
  Santa Cruz Hilda Vaughan, Teddy Blake (SM)
  Wilmington Ralph ‘Jim’ Parkes
St. Michael’s Churches in: New Forest Michael Elliott, Monnecia Duncan, Basil Grant (SM), Agnes Hall (AE), Clarence Hall (AE)
  Victoria Ave Vacant
  Arthur’s Seat William Willis (SM)
  Belfield Rita White (SM), Seymour Hutchinson (SM), 
  Clark’s Town Errol Dyer (SM)
  John’s Hall Vacant
  Kew Park Isaac Nugent
  Mavis Bank Ranford Campbell (AE)
    Pray for The Communications Board, The Anglican Editorial Team,
    The “Think on These Things” Committee, The Cathedral Sunday Committee
    and all other Groups in charge of Planning and implementing various items
    for the Diocese
St. Francis Churches in: Glendevon Justin Nembhard, Horace Mellish (SM)
  Hiattsfield Richard Tucker, Perline Smalling (SM), Jacqueline Bramwell (SM)
St. Faith’s Faith’s Vacant
    Pray for the Archbishop and the Provincial House of Bishops
    Pray for the staff of Church Teachers College, Boards and Staff of Diocesan Homes for the elderly and our Children’s Homes
St. Luke’s Churches in: Vaughnsfield Vacant
  Aboukir Garfield Campbell, Judith Atkinson-Linton (SM)
  Balaclava Carlton Tulloch
  Bonny Gate Vacant
  Cessnock Michael Solomon, Ula Ruddock(SM)
  Comfort Castle Vacant
  Cross Roads Patrick Cunningham, Kamar Prendergast,  Beverley Donald, Elaine Cunningham, Marcia Hamilton (AE), Claudette Marshall (AE)
  Juan-de-Bolas Vacant
  Mitchell Town Ulric Wilson
  Sanguinetti Vacant
  Smithfield Owen Lambert (SM), Doreen Hall (SM)
  Wood Hall Myrel Moss(CA), Stephanie Barrett(AE)
Church of Sts. Simon and Jude in: Ewarton  Ronald Keane-Dawes, Richard Anderson(SM), Carol Howard(AE)              
Churches named for St. Jude in: Battersea Mark Jones
  Bourbon, C/E Vacant
  Pratville Owen Lambert (SM), Doreen Hall (SM)
  Slipe David Reid
  Stony Hill Khan Honeyghan, Rose Bramwell(SM)
Churches named for St. Simon in: Comfort Hall Ulit Brackett (SM)
  Top Hill Vacant
    Pray for all Churches without a Clergy/Priest-in-Charge. That God will inspire more persons to answer the call to Leadership.  

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