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The Abortion Dialogue

A Discussion by Bishop Howard Gregory In recent weeks, the subject of abortion has come to the fore once more with the lead story of a daily newspaper indicating the scores of botched abortions that lead women to seek medical attention at government facilities, and the cautious comment by the …

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Examining the church and anti-sodomy laws – Rev. Dr. John Holder

Appendix B  Examining the church and anti-sodomy laws across the Commonwealth The Most Rev’d and Dr. John Holder, Bishop of Barbados, Archbishop of the West Indies October 12, 2017 For better or for worse, human sexuality is a topic that never moves from centre stage in our lives. We may want to ignore its …

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Submission Concerning Sexual Offences Act

Appendix  A – Bsp Gregory’s Submission to Parliament Rationale In making this presentation, the question may be asked, how does the church engage the issue before us and other issues of national import and to what end? Here, the reference to the church is not just to an advocacy interest …

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