List of Seasons & Feast Days

This page lists all High Feast Days that are observed.

Principal Feasts

The Principal Feasts observed in this Church are the following:
Easter Day
Ascension Day
The Day of Pentecost
Trinity Sunday
All Saints’ Day, 1 November
Christmas Day, 25 December
The Epiphany, 6 January

Principal Holy Days

The Presentation of the Lord,               2 February
The Annunciation of the Lord,              25 March
The Birth of Saint John the Baptist,       24 June
Saint Peter and Saint Paul,                    29 June
The Transfiguration of the Lord,           6 August
Saint Mary the Virgin,                           15 August
Holy Cross Day,                                   14 September
Saint Michael and All Angels,              29 September
All Saints’ Day,                                     1 November

Other Holy Days

The Holy Innocents,                      11 January or 28 December
The Confession of Saint Peter,   18 January
The Conversion of Saint Paul,      25 January
Saint Joseph,                                 19 March
Saint Mark,                                 25 April
Saint Philip and Saint James,        1 May
Saint John the Evangelist,             6 May or 27 December
Saint Matthias                               14 May or 24 February
The Visit of Mary to Elizabeth,     31 May
Saint Barnabas,                           11 June
Saint Thomas,                             3 July or 21 December
Saint Mary Magdalene,                22 July
Saint James the Apostle,               25 July
Saint Stephen,                             3 August or 26 December
Saint Bartholomew,                     24 August
The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist,       29 August
Saint Matthew,                                21 September
Saint Luke,                                 18 October
Saint James of Jerusalem,             23 October
Saint Simon and Saint Jude,           28 October
Saint Andrew,                                 30 November