Objectives of the Sunday Schools


Sunday school is an agency of Christian Education. It is a community of believers (usually but not limited to children) where the common goal of discovering God is pursued through worship, fellowship and learning. It provides the opportunity for all engaged in this ministry to read, respect and navigate the Bible as their appreciation for God grows and takes on added significance.

The Sunday School Ministry has been a vibrant part of the missionary thrust of the Anglican Church in Jamaica & the Cayman Islands. Many of the present leaders of our church were nurtured in Sunday Schools, as children. Where the focus is on children, we seek to make the Sunday school environment a place where they experience the wonder of God, learn to appreciate Anglican rituals and use the Bible to address their everyday needs and concerns.

The Anglican Church is committed to developing well-trained teachers to undertake the enormous responsibility of communicating the Good News to our children and guiding them to live God-filled lives. Through a regular and structured series of deanery workshops and diocesan/regional conferences, our Sunday School teachers are equipped with the necessary skills to guide the Christian formation of our children. The focus of the workshops revolves around teachers, students and parents on a yearly basis. The Sunday School Curriculum, entitled “Sharing God’s Love,” provides critical support for this process.

The Sunday School provides the foundational rudiments of Christian values. It is the avenue through which the principles for living the sacred life are taught. Sunday school continues to be the pertinent atmosphere within which the staples of the Christian faith are nurtured, so that all who are taught in the faith will continue to live Christian lives. As a Christian Education portal, Sunday school serves to teach others to:

  1. Adhere to the command of the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ, thus fulfilling the scripture to make them disciples and guide them into fellowship with Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20).
  1. Instil and nurture the moral and spiritual values of the Christian faith in children (and adults alike) so that they may differentiate right between wrong and develop and live by the principles of truthfulness, fidelity and integrity.
  1. Employ scripture to help in preparing God-fearing persons who love and serve God as they in turn seek to lead personal, family and social lives upholding spiritual and ethical values and standards as examples to others.
  1. Create an environment of fellowship and relationship within which children are nurtured to make them strong, as they fight valiantly against the unending list of evils of our time and to equip them with the fortitude to face the pressures of a highly competitive world.
  1. Equip children and adults to lead exemplary lives that rightfully engage their skills and the resources of the earth for the welfare of others and generations to come.

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