Our Lenten Journey

Daily Reflections for Lent 2021
The St. Jude’s Writers


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It is with the greatest pleasure that the St. Jude’s Writers
welcome you on this, “Our Lenten Journey” for 2021. We are
even more pleased to welcome those who are joining us for the
first time as we journey through Lent and we also welcome
back our returning pilgrims.
This year, our reflections will include writings for children and
we ask that you share with the young ones, as a means of
helping them to better understand and appreciate the
penitential season of Lent and to develop the discipline of
Lenten introspection.
We are grateful for the strength granted us by God who has
kept us alive and provided the inspiration for the writings
which we will share with you. We give Him glory, laud and
honour. We always try, in our writings, to respond to events
and prevailing circumstances and more so in 2021, because, for
the second consecutive year, we are writing in the period of a
worsening pandemic. But, we write to bring hope to others and
inspire a strengthening of the very faith that we need to keep
us going.
As in previous years, our reflections are guided by the
readings designated for each of the Sundays in Lent, Year B,
in the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) and as written in the
New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible. On
Sundays, we write on the Collect; on Mondays, the Old
Testament reading; on Tuesdays, the Psalm; on Wednesdays,

the reading from the New Testament and, on Thursdays and
Fridays, the Gospel reading. On Saturdays, the Writers have
the option of writing on any one or all of the readings or on a
hymn from the hymnal used in the Anglican Church in the
Province of the West Indies (CPWI).
As we proceed on our thirteenth Lenten Journey, we are
encouraged by the interest that this publication has garnered.
We are grateful to our Rector, Rev Fr Khan Honeyghan, for his
“Invitation to Lent 2021” and to The Very Rev Franklyn
Jackson, Rector, The Church of St. Margaret, Liguanea and
Rural Dean, St. Andrew Deanery, for his Lenten message, and
to both of them for their encouragement over the years.
We also give God thanks for those who willingly give their time
and talent to write. This year, our writers are, Rohan and Lesa

Robinson who are writing for the first time, Lisa Belnavis-
Edwards, Nicole Clarke, Eleanor Henry, Kareem Ismail,

Jacqueline Morgan and Pamela Williams.
We again welcome you on this journey through Lent and pray
that our words will resonate with your being and draw you
closer to the God of all times.
We invite you to share any thoughts or comments you many
have on the reflections, by contacting us at
[email protected].

With every blessing!
The St. Jude’s Writers
St. Jude’s Church, Stony Hill
Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands
16 February 2021