Faith Formation Parents

William Barclay writing about the early Church stated:
“The Church was far more concerned with the transmission of life, not facts. As the early Church saw it, the school is at best only an adjunct to the home. It is the parent who is responsible for bringing the child into the world, and it is the parent who is responsible for bringing the child to God. The child is the gift from God to the parents, and the child must be the gift of the parent to God.

Role of Parents in Faith Formation in Children

Sunday School for one hour per week is totally inadequate to be the sole period of instruction for children. Therefore it means that further learning for children must take place at home.

How can Parents Share Faith?

  1. Parents must know what they believe and live their beliefs to the fullest.
  2. Time spent together as a family should be quality time with a con-scious effort to transmit positive thoughts and actions consistent with beliefs in God’s Word.
  3. Parents need to communicate their love in a natural manner; con-trived situations will not accom-plish the purpose.
  4. Parents should model a love for the Word of God by their behav-iour for their child to follow

Faith Formation Resources:
Sunday School

  • The Diocesan Sunday School Teacher
  • VBS
  • Online Sunday School
  • Teach Me about Holy Communion
  • WhatEvery Parent should know and Teach their child about Baptism

“Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. Mark 10: 14 (NRSV)