Think on These Things

Think on These Things is a programme of Christian witness done by the Diocese. It features Clergy and Laity alike conversing about various topics. It airs on RJRfm at 4:45 pm every Sunday afternoon.

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Nov. 28, 2021
Nov. 21, 2021
Nov. 14, 2021In this special Youth Week feature, Youth Worker, Bethany Johnson, and broadcaster, Tony Patel, co-host the programme.
Nov. 7, 2021The Message was delivered by The Rev. Hilda Vaughan, Priest-in-Charge of the Gilnock, Santa Cruz Cure in St. Elizabeth. She spoke on the theme: Walking the path of Jesus. 
Oct 31
The speaker was The Rev. Judith Atkinson-Linton, Priest in the Supplementary Ministry, attached to the St. Mark’s, Brown’s Town Cure in St. Ann. On the eve of All Saints Day, she explored the meaning of that Holy Day in our Church.
OCT 24, 2021The Message delivered by The Rev. Paul Sharp, Curate at the Spanish Town Cathedral, was based on the Theme: “Jesus Our Hero.”
OCT 17, 2021The Rev. Melrose Wiggan, Priest in the Supplementary Ministry attached to St. Margaret’s Church, Liguanea, reflects on the importance of servanthood and submission to God in the Christian’s life.
OCT 10, 2021The Rev. Ronald Keane-Dawes, Rector of the Linstead – Bog Walk Cure, St. Catherine, reflects on the attributes for discipleship and eternal life.  
OCT 3, 2021The Rev. Leslie Mowatt, Rector of St. Mary the Virgin Cure, Maverley, St. Andrew, reflects on the Theme: “Marriage and Hardness of Heart.”
SEPT 26, 2021
SEPT 19, 2021
SEPT 12, 2021
The Rev. Charles Danvers, Priest in the Supplementary Ministry assigned to the St. Augustine, Porus Cure in Manchester, reflected on the issue of having confidence in God.
Mrs. Ena Barclay, Director of Anglican Schools, also presented a Message to mark the Diocesan celebration of Education Sunday.
SEPT 5, 2021 The message delivered by The Rev. Carol Haughton, Priest in the Supplementary Ministry, assigned to the Church of the Holy Trinity, in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, highlights the importance of unwavering faith.
AUGUST 29, 2021 The Very Rev. Vinton Greene, Rural Dean for Portland and Rector of the Rural Hill Cure, speaks about traditions and practices of the heart.
AUGUST 22, 2021 The Rev. Delroy Coley, Priest in the Supplementary Ministry assigned to the St. Dorothy’s, Old Harbour Cure, discusses true discipleship and encourages listeners to trust and believe Jesus.
AUGUST 15, 2021
AUGUST 8, 2021
AUGUST 1, 2021
JULY 25, 2021Guests were Sister Andrea Taylor-Smith and representatives of the Church Army’s 2021 Mission Team who introduced the elements of the Mission Plan and the strategies that are being adopted to achieve its goals.
JULY 18, 2021
JULY 11, 2021The Rev. Michael Elliott, Rector of the Church of the Holy Spirit, Portmore, reminds us that God welcomes all; and that his Church should reflect this in all its relationships.
JULY 4, 2021AYF National Council Executives, Romarie Bartley and Khalil Mitchell, discuss their journey over a challenging school year, and along with Associate Evangelist and university lecturer, Thera Edwards, provide practical examination tips.
JUNE 27, 2021
JUNE 20, 2021Fathers’ Day edition of Think on These Things in which Mr. Mahlon Watson, President of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, presents a short message; and the Rev. Rory Honeyghan, Priest-in-charge of Christ Church, Port Antonio, discusses the dual roles of being a father and a priest. 
JUNE 13, 2021 The Rev. Annett Brown, retired priest, explores the mystery of the Kingdom of God. 
JUNE 6, 2021The guest was Mrs. Sasha Wright, Principal, St. Hugh’s Preparatory School, who offered advice about planning summer activities for children amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
MAY 30, 2021The Rev. Canon Hartley Perrin, Rector of the Petersfield/Darliston Cure in Westmoreland reflects on the pure and unfettered love of the Trinity.
MAY 23, 2021The Reflection is led by The Rt. Rev. Leon Golding, Bishop of Montego Bay, and he focuses on Pentecost, its analogy to love, and the implications for the Church.
MAY 16, 2021The Rev. Leslie Mowatt, Rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Molynes Road, St. Andrew, explores the witness of scripture concerning the Ascension of Jesus, and its implications for us.
MAY 9, 2021The Rev, Marlon Simpson, Licensed Associate Clinical Psychologist at Church Teachers’ College, Mandeville, continued the discussion he began on May 2 about the psychological impact of the COVID pandemic on our children. 
MAY 2, 2021The Rev. Natalie Blake, Director of Christian Education, presented the Archbishop’s Message for Children’s Sunday and  The Rev. Marlon Simpson, Licensed Associate Clinical Psychologist at Church Teachers’ College, Mandeville, addressed some of the challenges facing children in the COVID-19 environment, in the first of a two-part interview.
APR 25, 2021The Rev. Ulit Brackett, Supplementary Priest in the Mandeville Cure, speaks on the Theme: The Good Shepherd cares for the flock.
APR 18, 2021Part 2 of Archbishop Gregory’s Synod Charge in which he reflects on the message in 1 Peter 1:3-9
APR 11, 2021
Second Sunday of Easter.
APR 4, 2021Archbishop of the West Indies and Bishop of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands, The Most Rev. Howard Gregory, presents his Easter Message in which he speaks about The God of New Futures. 
MAR 28, 2021The Rt. Rev. Robert Thompson, retired Suffragan Bishop of Kingston, discusses God’s reassuring presence during the COVID-19 pandemic
MAR 21, 2021The meditation was led by Rev. Howard Walters, Priest-in-Charge of St. Dorothy’s Cure, Old Harbour. He pointed to our obligation to live for the glory of God’s Name.
MAR 14, 2021The Meditation was led by The Rev. Judith Atkinson-Linton, Supplementary Priest in the Brown’s Town Cure, St. Ann, and her theme was: “Looking to God in the midst of challenges.”
MAR 7, 2021The meditation was led by Rev. Veronica Thomas, Rector of the Little London Cure in Westmoreland, who challenged listeners to live the Gospel with zeal.   
FEB 28, 2021The meditation was led by The Rev. Cleverton Beckford, Rector of the Albert Town Cure in Trelawny, and he spoke about the redemptive benefits of suffering.
FEB 21, 2021The Rev. Garfield Campbell, Priest in Charge of St. Marks, Brown’s Town Cure in St. Ann speaks to what it is to be guided by the Holy Spirit.
FEB 14, 2021The Rev. Captain Dwane Blackwood, Chaplain of the Jamaica Defence Force, encourages listeners on Transfiguration Sunday to look beyond the ordinary.
FEB 7, 2021
JAN 31, 2021
JAN 24, 2021
JAN 17, 2021
JAN 10, 2021
JAN 3, 2021In his message, the Venerable Winston Thomas, Archdeacon of the Mandeville Region, focuses on the impact of the Christ child on those who visited him in the manger, and their return home with a new perspective on life.