Guidelines for Planning a Mission




  • Form a planning committee.  Meet regularly to plan for the mission and assess progress.
  • Decide on the date and length of the mission, as well as a Theme (preferably short and catchy).  Decide on the Preacher(s).  Have a budget.
  • Decide on the type of mission you want i.e. whether a teaching or evangelistic mission.
  • Decide on the target group i.e. whether it’s for non-churched, lapsed members or general membership etc.
  • Establish prayer group(s).  Meet regularly to pray for the mission – the Preacher(s), those who will attend, those who will lead, the counsellors etc.
  • Encourage members to identify those to be invited.  Pray for them regularly and invite them to the mission services. 
  • Determine the needs of the mission e.g. PA system?  Indoor or open air?  Venue?  Electricity?  Music/Musicians?  Cost?
  • Do promotion of the mission – flyers, posters, letters (to other churches, schools, other institutions, business places etc.), house to house visits, announcements e.g. on ‘Think On These Things’ and via loudspeaker (near the date of the mission). 
  • Assign tasks.  Select and brief persons for various responsibilities e.g. Song leader(s), ‘Welcome Team’ (Ushers) etc.
  • Select and train counsellors who will help to counsel those who respond during the mission, and who will also do follow-up after the mission. 
  • Procure tracts, booklets etc. for the mission.
  • If possible, have hymns and choruses to be used during the mission printed on sheets or projected on to screen.



  • Have counsellors and those involved in the service meet for prayer at least 45 minutes before the start each evening.  Bolster the whole event with prayer.
  • Have welcome team/ushers, song leaders etc. in place and ready to do their work.  (You may have persons take turns in leading each night.)
  • Counsellors to record names, addresses and contact numbers of those who make decisions.
  • If possible, have place where counsellors can meet with those who make decisions.
  •   Do on-going assessment of how things are going each night to determine whether any adjustments/changes need to be made.



  • Counsellors and/or other selected persons to do follow-up work with those who made decisions.  If they express a preference for, or association with a particular church, refer them to the priest/pastor. 

Where there is no preference, invite them, not just to Church, but to Bible Study, Prayer Meeting, and to become involved in an organisation.

  • Pray with them.
  • Walk with them.
  • Encourage them.  Be a spiritual mentor.
  • Give help if possible, and where necessary.