Advent Prayer

Lord as we come to another Advent season raise up again voices that will cry of the discontent, injustice, violence, corruption, in our cities of man hewn rocks in near array, and of our towns and communities where the nose of creatures is constantly interrupting our solitude.  Voices… that will preach repentance and practice what they preach.  Bring out again hordes of human beings to hear the good news so that they are made straight again as their own hills and mountains of material expectations, of achievements, social engineering and hopes of upward mobility, pride and prejudice are levelled to align with your holy standards.  Bring out people to hear the good news so that people are made whole again as their own valleys of despair, despondence, emptiness, hopelessness, fear of failure, fear of the future and depression be raised to higher elevations befitting the saints of Christ

Help us all to watch and wait praying, “Even so come Lord Jesus.  Come for humanity.  Come for me.”


Contributed by Rev Annett Brown