BSA President’s Christmas Message

My Brothers in Christ, it is with great joy that I extend Christmas Greetings to you and your families.

This season is very important in the life of all Christians and should be used as a time to renew and deepen our faith and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we become engrossed in the many Christmas activities – Christmas Services, Tree Lighting Ceremonies, Social Parties, the giving and receiving of gifts – let us ensure that we extend charitable acts to our less fortunate neighbours.

Please be reminded that the spirit of joy and love which we so readily embrace at this time of year should prepare us to carry out our spiritual mission of “bringing men and boys to Christ,” as we face the challenges of the New Year.

Thank you for your support and dedication over the past yea; and I look forward to your continued cooperation in the year ahead.

I wish for you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year; and may the spirit of Christmas fill your homes with peace, joy and love.

Brother Carl Singh,

National President – B.S.A.
December 19, 2017