Independence Celebration at The Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Jago De La Vega commemorated our National Independence in fine style. Congregants wore patriotic colours along with the Bandana in all forms. The choir wore black with highlights of green and yellow, which was lauded by all. They also hosted the Sunday School/VBS students and teachers all the way from St. Jude, Battersea of north Manchester.

However, the message that was delivered by Rev. Audrey Bailey of St. Francis & St. Martha Church in White Plains, New York, was even more fulfilling. Rev. Bailey first reminded us that The Cathedral is her home Church – where she grew up and received her calling, she went from sitting in the back of the church to now being in front.
She said, “God has given us the will to choose”
“The entire world is in chaos” but “Do not forget God”
Here are a few more quotes from her message:
“Each of us has a purpose – Do you believe that?” at which the congregation answered YES!
“If we say the Church, we are not talking about the building we are talking about the people”
“Our relationship with God should be something that we can’t stop talking about”
“Do we have a prayer life that is growing? Do we set aside a specific time?
“People are resources, God is our source”
“On this our Independence day – Let us be dependent on God”