Sunday School Children’s Song

I Just want to follow Jesus

You may be young and think the world is at your feet.
Perhaps you live from day to day:
But I confess that I have met Lord Jesus Christ
And know that He’s the only way


I just want to follow Jesus,
Follow each and everyday
And I want to serve and praise Him
As I walk the narrow way.
Where he leads me, I will follow
From the start until the end:
I will stay with him forever.
He’s my nearest, dearest friend.

I’m growing older wiser, seeing things more clear.
And value this great friend I’ve made.
That’s why I try to show him off to all my friends.
And tell them of the price He’s paid.  Chorus

Life has more meaning now that I’ve known Jesus Christ,
I’ve got the strength to cope with all.
His Spirit is my guide, never am I afraid.
And I will always heed His call.  Chorus

I consecrate my life to serving Jesus Christ.
I’ve made this pledge, to God indeed.
I put my trust in Him and seek to do His will.
He satisfies my every need.

If you have not as yet given your life to Him
I beg of you, do not delay,
I call on you to put your faith in Jesus Christ.
And join with me these words to say.

Words & Music by Dr. George Mulrain & Dr. George Roberts