God of Love and Compassion

The gospel reading from Mark 8: 1-8 tells the story of the feeding of the four thousand.

In this account, Jesus entered into the situation of the people who were following him. He saw and felt what they did and understood what would happen were they to go on without nourishment. He was prepared to respond to the needs of the people around him. Not only would he feed their souls, he was prepared to address their physical needs.

So too does Jesus journey with us in these times when we may feel worn out from the stress and strain of dealing with the challenges of life right now.

He hears our concerns, worries, and fears, and when we feel we can go no further – he provides the break and the nourishment that we need.

Jesus calls his disciples to not only be observers of life’s challenges but to also respond to them.

He awoke in his disciples the need to care for the whole person. We too like them may ask, “But where in this remote place can anyone get enough bread to feed them?”

Where and how can we respond with all the restrictions?
Jesus asks, “How many loaves have you?”
He reminds us – that we have bread.

We have Jesus the bread of life. We have been feasting on the body and blood of Christ. It is now time to share the living bread with others so that they too may be nourished to go on.

God’s love, gentleness, patience, peace, joy, goodness, and kindness have sustained our lives. It is time to share these resources with God’s word of hope, to feed the hopeless and fearful around us.

May we be moved with love and compassion to reach out to someone today and share God’s grace. Amen.

Contributed by Rev. Natalie Blake