Help us bring our Boys Home

We can vividly recall the shock when we heard of the fire that totally destroyed  Clifton Boys’ Home on the night of January 5, 2017, and so shortly after the fire at Wortley Home. 

Following on the groundbreaking ceremony on March 20, 2019, the rebuilding committee has been going full steam ahead to complete the building by the end of 2019.  Construction cost is estimated at $60M.

This is what the new Clifton will look like.

But we are only half way there.

To date, the Diocese has secured approximately 50% of projected costs.  There are concerns that the fundraising efforts will not be able to keep pace with the construction schedule which will result in construction delays. 

What can you do to help?

We know that appeals have been made to Corporates Jamaica, but we are appealing to you to truly make this a Diocesan effort.  Someone proposed that if each member of the Church gives J$1,000 to the project – YES, just J$1,000 – it might seem small, but together, it can make a big difference.  We need not be restricted to this initiative, however.  Please respond as you are led.

Help us bring our boys home by January 2020.


Contributions can be sent to:
Diocesan Church Fund – Clifton Boys’ Home NCB A/c # 231 525 793