Sunday School Presidents Adopt Motto for Children 

Presidents of Deanery Sunday Schools have adopted as their motto, “All Children Deserve to Know About God, Tell Them.” The group also agreed to promote the creation of a Diocesan award for Sunday School teachers who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and administration.

The decision was taken at a meeting in Mandeville on February 16 chaired by Director of Christian Education, the Rev. Douglas Barnes, who urged Deaneries to network more closely and to share best practices. He reminded teachers, “The lives we live, the examples we set and the teachings we impart influence the church, as the Sunday School is a major nurturing ground for leaders of the church, including priests.”

Rev. Barnes advised participants that the curricula for Confirmation and Sunday School classes were both being updated to align them more effectively with the revised lectionary. The presidents also discussed attendance trends over the past ten years, and ongoing initiatives to improve participation.

Teachers were encouraged to use the communication outlets of the Diocese: The Anglican newspaper; the weekly radio programme and social media channels to highlight outstanding achievements by children under their charge.