Children’s Hymn (2018)

Tune: My Hope is built – CPWI #456 )
Words: Rev. Douglas Barnes

Train up the child God’s love to own
Show them the way His hand to hold
God’s perfect will, must be their goal
Help them to give to God their all

Train up the child to know God’s grace
And in His kingdom take their place
Train up the child to seek His face
Oooooo- oooooo- oooooo

The Word commands – “Train up the child”
Their promised place is God’s right hand
Teach them to know and live the truth
And in their hearts let peace take root

Train up the child – the task of love
Teach them that grace is freely giv’n
Rightly divide the word of truth
Teach them to serve God in their youth

Train up the child for eternity
Teach them to honour Christ the King
Train up a child God’s will to heed
Teach them his face to always seek

Praise to our God; the holiest three
O, Holy, Blessed Trinity
In grateful chorus now we raise
From your own altar hymns of praise