From the Director of Youth

Youth Division upcoming events

1. Election of Members to the AYF Executive: Article IIX of the Constitution of the Anglican Youth Fellowship regarding the ‘Election of Members to the Executive’ states:
‘Elections shall be held annually before or during the month of November for A.Y.F.’s and December for Area Councils. The names and addresses of new Executives shall be submitted to the Director [Youth Ministry], and Rectors, immediately after the election. No officer shall serve in the same position for more than two consecutive years.’

2. National Council 2018/19 Nominations.

3. Annual Evaluation and Planning Meeting: The Annual Evaluation and Planning Meeting of the Youth Division will be held on December 2, 2017 at the Church of Saint Mark, Mandeville. This meeting involves all Deanery Youth Coordinators, National Council of the Anglican Youth Fellowship, representatives of the Anglican Young Adult Movement, Happening Movement and those involved in specialized youth ministries.

Feel free to pass along your suggestions to your Deanery Youth Coordinator so this can be tabled at the meeting.

4. Outstanding contribution to Youth Work: The Division presented plaques to the following Deanery Youth Coordinator (former) for their outstanding contribution to Youth Work at the recently held Diocesan Youth Rally in Savanna La Mar:
i. Mr. Rudolph Forsythe, Kingston
ii. Miss Doreen Webley, St. Catherine
iii. Miss Marsha Young, St. Mary
iv. Mr. Devon Brown, Trelawny
v. Miss Judith Montague, St. Elizabeth

We are thankful for their sacrifice of time, energy and talents in helping our youths to deepen their relationship with Christ.

5. 41st Annual General Meeting of the Anglican Youth Fellowship: Notice is hereby given that the 41st Annual General Meeting for the National Council of the Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF) will be held on Saturday, January 27, 2018 at the Parish Church of Saint Ann, St. Ann’s Bay commencing at 9 am with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. This is in keeping with Article VI of the A.Y.F.’s Constitution.
Sincerely yours
Craig Mears
Director – Youth Ministry