Pray for Anglican Chaplains – Stephanie Warner, Alvin Stone, Edward Jennings, Norma Thompson, Melvin Carey, Denston Smalling, Patricia Johnson, Melvorn Stewart, Leslie HooSang, Carlton Tulloch and all Volunteer Chaplains.


Church of Reconciliation, Portmore                     Robert McLean, Miranda Sutherland, Molly Walton   Pray for School Principals, staff and students of Anglican Secondary and Preparatory Schools Pray for Bishops of the Province who are, during this week, attending a Retreat in Florida.

Visioning Prayer

Almighty and everlasting God, ruler of all things in heaven and on earth, and by whose grace we have been called into a goodly fellowship of faith: Send down upon our bishops, other clergy, and all your faithful people an outpouring of your Holy Spirit for the renewal and mission …

Pray for the website Development

Pray for the website development team that they will be guided to build the best website to represent God and his church to their fullest abilities. And that it will not only minister to its users but touch the souls of those who are called to it. In Jesus Name …

July 21

St. Mary Magdalene, Granville                     Denniston Kerr Pray for the work of the Church Army in Jamaica; pray for the Commission on Ministry

July 14

Church of St. Silas in: Mt. Airy     Harold Jones Troy           Cleverton Beckford Pray for the Alpha Programme in Jamaica

July 7

St. Thomas the Apostle Kingston                    E Don Taylor, Khan Honeyghan Church of St. Thomas in: Bath                         Vacant Bluefields                  Basil Jackson Kings                        Basil Jackson Lacovia                     David Reid, Barrington Buchanan, Vincent Murdock Majesty Gardens        Sirrano Kitson, Larius Lewis Manchioneal              Vacant Race Course              Marlon Simpson, Shirley Robinson Stewart Town             Vacant Pray for those …


Pray for the Church Army, Alpha Programme, Commission on Ministry, Summer Camps