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The Education and Youth Department of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands offers a small selection of books for sale. These are listed below with prices quoted in both US and Jamaican dollars.  Publications may be ordered directly from the Department.

Education and Youth Department
2 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Telephone (876) 926-8925  or
[email protected]

 Sunday School Curriculum:Sharing God’s Love, Lectionary Year B                                    J$2,500           US$35:00
 Sunday School Curriculum:Sharing God’s Love, Lectionary Year C                                    J$2,500            US$35:00
 Welcome Cards                                                                                                 J$50             US$  1:00
 How To Train Volunteer Teachers                                                $2,000              US$23:00
  AVAILABLE FROM CHURCH HOUSE2 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica

Telephone (876) 926-8925


The Book of Common Prayer




 The Book of Common Prayer produced by The Church in the Province of the West Indies (CPWI) for use in the Churches of the Province includes the Daily Office, Prayers and Thanksgiving, Special Liturgies, Rites of Christian Initiation, Catechism, Psalter, Lectionary, etc. 
 The Constitution and Canons of the Church in Jamaica & The Cayman Islands in The Province of the West Indies




 The Constitution and Canons of the Church in Jamaica & The Cayman Islands in The Province of the West Indies. 2007. 



 CPWI Hymnal Music EditionMusic edition   Pub. 2010                J$2750 



CPWI Hymnal Words Edition

Words edition  Pub. 2010                   J$950


 CPWI HymnalThis is the official hymn book for all eight Dioceses in the Province. It comprises 850 hymns, approximately half of which were retained from the Ancient and Modern Hymn Book. Popular contemporary hymns, selections by Caribbean authors and composers, Gospel Songs and Spirituals are also included.




 Healing in CreationJ$100,   





Healing in CreationAuthor:  Rev. Canon Ernle Gordon


The subjects covered in this book should be examined with theological insight and depth, because, as we are told in Genesis 1:31, “God saw everything that He made, and it was very good.”


Crusade SongsJ$150



Crusade songs. Rev. ed. 
 Available from Jamaica Church Missionary Society (JCMS)2 Caledonia Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica


Telephone (876) 926-8925


Mandate for Missions




US$120:00 (includes postage)

Mandate for Mission; do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. Produced by the Jamaica Church Missionary Society (JCMS), 2011. 



This book incorporates presentations made at a Symposium on Mission held in March 2011 to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Jamaica Church Missionary Society.  The presentations are published essentially as they were given, in the hope that the excitement for mission may be maintained and carried forward.  They speak to the theology of mission, and the kind of spirituality which can help to inform our Christian praxis.  Included in the publication are six Bible Studies which may be used to assist in shaping our vision as a church – truly gifted with a passion for mission.




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