Mandeville Region





1.     All Saints’ – Crofts Hill
St. Bartholomew’s – Good Hope





St. Peter’s – Rhoden Hall C/E
St. Michael’s – Arthur’s Seat







The Rectory
Croft’s Hill P.O.
Tel: 966-7609



William Willis (SM)

2.     St. Paul’s – Chapelton 


St. Mark’s – Beckford Kraal
All Saints’ – Mount Providence C/E
St. James – Rock River
St. Luke’s – Wood Hall C/E
Larius Lewis The Rectory
Chapelton P.O.
Tel: 785-0782  
Myrel Moss (CA)
Stephanie Barrett (AE) 
3.     St. Bartholomew’s – Frankfield
St. Luke’s – Sanguinetti
St. George’s – Red Hills
St. Mattew’s – Aenon Town
Holy Trinity – Park Hall
Peckham C/E
VACANT The Rectory
Frankfield P.O.
Tel: 904-4565


4.     St. Gabriel’s – May Pen
St. James’ – Hayes 
All Saints’ – Richmond Park
St. Paul’s – Mocho
Palmer’s Cross C/E
Winston Thomas 10 Church Street
May Pen P.O.
Tel: 986-4405, 986-1098 
Nina-Rae Barrett
Alvarine Roberts (CA) 
5.     St. Peter’s – Alley
St. Saviour’s – Milk River
St. Thomas’ – Race Course
St. John’s – Portland Cottage
St. Luke’s – Mitchell Town
St. Andrew’s – Rocky Point
VACANT The Rectory
P.O. Box 16
Lionel Town P.O.
Tel: 987-5874                                                     




1.     Christ Church – Christiana
St. John the Baptist Coleyville




St. John the Divine – Alston
St. Jude’s – Battersea
St. Paul’s – Spaulding



Derrick Martin



The Rectory, P.O. Box 15,
Christiana P.O.
Tel: 964-2274

2. St. Mark’s – Mandeville St. Michael & All Angels – New   Forest
St. Philip’s – Old England
St. James’ – Kendal
Barrington Soares Market Street, P.O. Box 217
Mandeville P.O.
Tel: 962-2876
Hilda Vaughan
Kenneth Thaxter (SM)
Basil Grant (SM)
Agnes Hall (AE)
Clarence Hall (AE)
3.     St. Barnabas’ – Mile Gully
St. Lawrence’s – Devon   
St. George’s – Mile Gully
St. Simon’s – Comfort Hall
Harry Watch C/E
St. Peter’s – Whitby C/E


The Rectory
Mile Gully P.O.
Tel: 965-4527
Ulit Brackett (SM)
4.     St. Augustine’s – Porus
St. Stephen’s – Chantilly
St. James’ – Toll Gate
St. Andrew’s – Harmons
Holy Trinity – St. Toolies 
Shawn Nisbeth The Rectory
Porus P.O.
Cel: 349-2271
Charles Danvers (SM) 


5.     St. David’s – Snowdon
St. Jude’s – Pratville
St. Patrick’s – Providence
St. Luke’s – Smithfield



VACANT The Rectory
Newport P.O. 
Owen Lambert (SM)
Doreen Hall (SM) 
6.     St. Andrew’s – Albert Town
St. James’ – Craighead
St. Silas’ – Troy
St. Peter’s – Wait-a-Bit
St. Barnabas’ – Warsop


Cleverton Beckford The Rectory 

 Albert Town P.O.

Tel: 610-1291





1.     St. Luke’s – Balaclava
St. Paul’s – Keynsham




St. John’s – Auchtembeddie









2.     St. Barnabas’ – Siloah 


St. Aidan’s – Belmore Castle/
St. Martin’s – Mount Trinity/Retirement
St. Bartholomew’s – Mulgrave
St. Philip’s – Niagara
VACANT   Winston Blake (SM)
3.     St. John’s – Black River
St. Barnabas’ – Crawford
St. Stephen’s – Arlington
St. Boniface – Pondside
VACANT 88 High Street, Black River 

Tel: 965-2380-1

Wesley M. Wiggan (SM) 

Sharon Hall-Nisbeth (AE)


4.St. Thomas’ – Lacovia
Holy Trinity – Whitehall
All Souls’ – Brompton 


St. Margaret’s – Middlesex/Middle Quarters
St. Jude’s – Slipe 
David Reid The Rectory, Lacovia P.O.
Tel: 607-4360



5.     St. Peter’s  – Pedro Plains
St. Augustine’s – Mountainside
St. Matthew’s – Orange Grove
St. Paul’s – Barbary Hall
All Saints’ – Newell 
The Epiphany – Big Woods 


    Milton Russell (SM)
Beulah Rowe (SM)
6.     St. Matthew’s – Santa Cruz
St. Andrew’s – Gilnock
St. Stephen’s – Nain
Church of the Holy Spirit – Pepper
The Transfiguration – Leeds
St. James’ – Mount Hermon 


Dwane Blackwood Main Street
P.O. Box 693
Santa Cruz P.O.
Tel: 966-4520
7.     St. Mary’s – Southfield
St. Mark’s – Mayfield
St. David’s – Morningside
St. Alban’s – Stanmore
St. Aidan’s – Bull Savannah
St. Paul’s – Tryall
Olando Gayle The Rectory 
Southfield P.O.
Tel: 963-1404 



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