Kingston Region




1.     St. Thomas The Apostle (Kingston Parish Church)




Louis Hurst 70B King Street, Kingston

Tel: 922-6888




2. All Saints’ – West Street


St. Alban’s – Denham Town Canon Abner Powell West Street, Kingston    

Tel: 922-4734

3.  Christ Church – Vineyard Town   Sean Major-Campbell 6 Antrim Road, Kingston 3

Tel: 928-9540



4.     St. George’s – East Street


  VACANT 82 East Street, Kingston

Tel: 922-4091

5.     St. Matthew’s – Allman Town   Whitson Williams 28 Hitchen Street, Kingston 4

Tel: 922-5091

6.     St. Michael’s – Victoria Avenue

St. Patrick’s – Windward Road

  Alton Tulloch 3 Victoria Avenue, Kingston

Tel: 928-9937

7.     St. Boniface – Harbour View

St. Peter’s – Port Royal

St. Martin’s – Bull Bay Barrington Jones St. Thomas Road, Kingston 17

Tel: 938-0712

8.     St. George’s – Grand Cayman


Mary Graham P.O. Box 1633, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Tel: 345-949-5583



 1.     The Church of Reconciliation 



St. Paul’s, Greater Portmore




Lot 346 Basie Avenue
Bridgeport P.O.
Tel: 988-1499



Colleen Tinker-Whyte(AE) Reilette Allen (AE) Sanchia Bent (AE)
Rohan Dawkins (AE)
James Oliver (AE)

2.     The Church of the Holy Spirit
St. Andrew’s – Caymanas



Michael Elliott 2 Cumberland Road,
Gregory Park P.O.
Tel: 939-2569
Marjorie Downer
O’Dayne Plummer (AE)
Dawn Ledgister (AE)



1.     St. Andrew Parish Church




St. Clement’s – Kencot
St. Thomas’ – St. Andrew Settlement, Majesty Gardens




Canon Sirrano Kitson



Hagley Park Road, Kingston 10
Tel: 926-6692



Mark Jones
Craig Mears
Andrea Taylor-Smith (CA.)

2. St. Michael’s – Mavis Bank
St.Peter’s – Clifton
St. Mark’s – Craighton
St. Mary’s – Woodford
St. Stephen’s – Maryland VACANT  


Ranford Campbell (AE)
3. The Church of the Ascension – Mona


St. Matthew’s – Jack’s Hill Michael Allen 1 Daisy Avenue, Kingston 6
Tel: 977-4743 
Seymour Blackwood (SM)
Veront Satchell (SM)
Christopher Givans (AE) 
4. St. Luke’s – Cross Roads
St. Philip’s – Whitfield Town
  Ven. Patrick Cunningham 89 Slipe Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 926-6516, 929-2531 
Beverley Donald
Elizabeth Riley
Claudette Marshall (AE)
Marcia Hamilton (AE)
5. St. Margaret’s – Liguanea
St. Joseph’s – The Grove
St. Cyprian’s – August Town
  Franklyn Jackson 167 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Tel: 927-0651
Melrose Wiggan (SM)
6. St. Mary’s – Molynes Road
Church of the Resurrection – Duhaney Park
St. Paul’s – Tower Hill Leslie Mowatt  99 Molynes Road, Kgn 20 Molly Walton (CA)
Flo Angus (AE) 
7. St. Jude’s – Stony Hill
St. Philip’s – Brandon Hill
St. Christopher’s – Cavaliers
St. James’ – Mount James 



Khan Honeyghan Fort George Road,
Stony Hill,
Kingston 9
Tel: 942-2903
Rose Bramwell (SM)
8. Church of the Transfiguration – Meadowbrook
St. John’s – Merrivale 
St Martin’s – Padmore VACANT 1 Meadowbrook Main, Kgn. 19
Tel: 925-4188 
Melvin Carey (SM)
Paul Sharp (SM)
Fiona Simpson (AE)
9. Church of the Good Shepherd


  Patricia L.Y. Johnson P.O. Box 102
Kingston 6
Tel: 978-5411
10. U.W.I. Chapel   Canon Garth Minott UWI Campus
Kingston 7
Tel: 927-1034
Thera Edwards (AE)
Dr. Suzanne Shirley-Newnham (AE) 


1. St. Andrew’s – Golden Grove
St. Thomas – Bath
St. Barnabas’ – Port Morant


St. Augustine’s – Mount Felix C/E

St. Stephen’s – Thornton









2.     Christ Church – Morant Bay
St. Boniface – White Hall 
St. Matthias’ – Middleton
St. Matthew’s –Wilmington           
VACANT 1 East Street
Morant Bay P.O.
Tel: 982-0164           
R.M. Jim Parkes
Ulric Wilson (SM)
3. Holy Trinity – Trinityville
St. John’s – Woburn Lawn               

St. David’s – Yallahs
All Saints’ – Abbey
St. Paul’s – Danvers Pen
Jean Fairweather-Wilson 1A Stanmore Close
Red Hills, St. Andrew
Tel: 944-3620



1.     St. George’s – Buff Bay
St. James’ – Birnamwood

St. Joseph’s – Belevedere
St. Philip’s–Fairfield, Bangor Ridge
St. Mary’s – Rose Hill
St. Peter’s  – Hope Bay
St. Dunstan’s – Orange Bay

Sedley Gooden


The Rectory,
Buff Bay P.O.


2. All Saints’ – Fellowship
St. Paul’s – Moore Town 
St. Luke’s – Comfort Castle
St. John’s – Cooper’s Hill C/E
St. Michael’s – John’s Hall C/E
St. Jude’s – Bourbon C/E
3.     St. Mary’s – Rural Hill
St. Mark’s – Boston
St. Thomas’ – Manchioneal
St. Christopher’s – Sherwood Forest
St. Paul’s – Windsor Forest C/E 
Vinton Greene The Rectory
Rural Hill P.O.
Tel:913-7944 (H)  919-4981 (Cell)


4.     Christ Church – Port Antonio


St. Paul’s – Nonsuch
Boundbrook C/E
St. Stephen’s – St. Margaret’s Bay
Rory Honeyghan Harbour Street, Port Antonio
Tel: 993-3527 (O) 993-9321 (H)


1. St. James’ – Annotto Bay
St. Barnabas’ – Enfield


St. Patrick’s – Devon Pen C/E
St. Margaret’s – Long Road
St. Mark’s – Scott’s Hall 
VACANT The Rectory
Annotto Bay P.O.
Tel: 996-2081



2.     St. Cyprian’s – Highgate
St. Michael’s – Belfield
The Epiphany – Richmond
St. Gabriel’s – Woodside 
St. Martin’s – Martin
St. Agatha’s – Bromley C/E
VACANT The Rectory
Highgate P.O.
Tel: 992-2236
Seymour Hutchinson (SM)
Rita White (SM)
3.  St. Mary’s – Port Maria St. Alban’s – Albion Mountain
St. Luke’s – Bonnygate
St. Peter’s – Galina
St. Elizabeth’s – Mason Hall
Canon Charles Manderson The Rectory
Port Maria P.O.
Tel: 994-9362 


4. Holy Trinity – Retreat
St. Matthew’s – Boscobel
 St. John’s – Gayle
St. Andrew’s – Labyrinth 
St. Margaret’s – Clifton Lodge Prince Taylor-Younge The Rectory
Retreat P.O.
Tel: 996-3933  



1.     The Cathedral of St. Jago-de-la-Vega –Spanish Town



St. Barnabas’ – Crescent
St. Joseph’s – Innswood
St. Matthew’s – Mount Moreland
St. John’s – Sligoville
Holy Trinity – Spanish Town C/E


Canon Collin Reid



Red Church Street
Spanish Town P.O.
Tel: 984-2535



Howard Walters
Rupertia Smith (AE)

2.     St. George’s – Blackstonedge


St. Paul’s – Clapham
All Saints’ – Guys Hill


Richard Anderson (SM)
3.  St. George’s – Bartons
All Saints’ – Bellas Gate
St. Mark’s – Macca Tree
St. Andrew’s – Marle Hill
St. Peter’s – Old Works
St. Augustine’s – Watermount
 Paul Bogle


The Rectory                 
 Bartons P.O.
Tel: 602-1136 
4.     St. Saviour’s – Harewood
St. Boniface – Mount Industry
St. Faith’s – St. Faith’s
St. Mark’s – Hamwalk
St. Philip’s – Morris Hall  


5.     Holy Trinity – Linstead
St. Thomas’ – Bog Walk
St. John’s – Guanaboa Vale
St. Simon’s & St. Jude’s – Ewarton
  Ronald Keane-Dawes  


Richard Anderson (SM)
Carol Howard (AE)
6.     St. Peter’s – Lluidas Vale
St. George’s – Point Hill 
St. Simon’s – Top Hill Cheryl Phillips The Rectory
Lluidas Vale P.O.
Tel: 903-6197
7.     Holy Trinity – Old Harbour
St. Dorothy’s – Old Harbour
St. Philip’s – Old Harbour Bay
St. Michael & St. George – Free Town VACANT P.O. Box 370
Old Harbour P.O.
Tel: 745-2464
Delroy Coley (SM)
Lorraine Geddes-McDonald (SM)

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