Eastern Jamaica Region

 Church  Contacts    Telephone
 St. Andrew St. Andrew Parish Church, Half Way Tree [email protected] (876)9266692
St. Clement’s, Kencot
St. Thomas Mission, Majesty Gardens
Church of the Transfiguration, Havendale  [email protected] (876) 925-4188
St. John’s, Merrivale
St. Martin’s, Padmore
St. Mary the Virgin, Marverly   [email protected] (876) 934-5059
Church of the Resurrection, Duhaney Park
St. Paul’s, Tower Hill
St. Luke’s, Cross Roads [email protected] (876) 926-6516
St. Phillip’s, Whitfield Town
St. Margaret’s, Liguanea [email protected] (876) 927-0651
St. Joseph’s the Grove
St. Cyprians, August Town
Church of Ascension, Mona [email protected]
St. Matthew’s, Jack’s Hill
St. Michael’s, Mavis Bank
St. Peter’s, Clifton,
St. Marks, Craigton
St. Mary’s Woodford
St. Stephen’s, Maryland
St. Jude’s, Stony Hill  [email protected]
St. Phillip’s, Brandon Hill
St. Christopher’s, Cavaliers
St. James’, Mt. James
St. Bartholomew’s, Tom’s River
Church of the Good Shepherd, Constant Spring [email protected]
St. Mary
St. Mary Parish Church  [email protected] (876) 994-9362
St. Alban’s, Albion Mountain.
St. Luke’s, Bonny Gate
St. Peter’s,  Galina
St. Elizabeth’s, Mason Hall
St. Cyprian’s, Highgate
St. Michael’s, Belfield
St. Agathas’s, Bromley
St. Gabriel’s, Woodside
Church of the Ephipany, Richmond
St. Martin’s, Martin
St. James’, Annotto Bay
St. Barnabas’, Enfield
St. Margaret’s, Long Road
St. Mark’s, Scott’s Hall
St. Patrick’s, Devon Pen C/E
Church of the Holy Trinity, Retreat  [email protected]  996-3525
St. John’s, Gayle
St. Andrew’s, Labyrinth
St. Matthew’s, Boscobel
St. Margaret’s, Clifton Lodge
Christ Church, Port Antonio (876)  993-3527
St. Paul’s, Nonsuch
Boundbrook Chapel-of-Ease
St. Mary’s, Rural Hill
St. Mark’s, Boston
St. Thomas, Manchioneal
St. Christopher’s, Sherwood Forest
St. John’s, Windsor Forrest
St. George’s, Buff Bay
St. James’, Birnamwood
St. Joseph’s, Belvedere
St. Philip’s,Bangor Ridge
St. Mary’s, Rose Hill
St. Stephen’s, St. Margaret’s Bay
St. Peter’s, Hope Bay
St. John’s, Bybrook
St. Paul’s, Claverty Cottage C/E
St. Michael’s, Fruitful Vale
St. Dunstan’s, Orange Bay
St. Matthew’s, Mount Herman
Maidstone C/E
All Saints’, Fellowship
St. Paul’s, Moore Town
St. Luke’s, Comfort Castle
St. John’s, Cooper’s Hill
St. Michael’s, John’s Hall
St. Jude’s, Bourbon

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