Intercessions for Children’s Sunday 2017

All: Loving God, before we were born, you started the mission and prepared it for us. So, with open hearts and willing hands we come now to do the work you want us to do according to your will…

L: …sometimes we feel the Christian life is too hard and that telling others about you is not easy to do. We often choose to remain quiet because we are afraid of being laughed at and jeered if we try to tell others about you. Sometimes we do not speak, because we are not confident in ourselves, but …

All: …give us willing hearts and inspire us to go and tell; to go and proclaim the Good News of your Kingdom.

L: Jesus, you are Lord of the Church, friend of children and teacher of disciples. You gave the best example of leadership through service. May your Church take her role seriously to nurture others and renew the world instead of being a pale reflection of this broken one. Send an angel to guard and protect each child, especially those who are abused, alone, depressed or sad. Give us hearts that are pure and true; kind and loving in all we do; full of mercy for all.

All: Help us to encourage others to run to the safety of your love, as our heavenly Father. Give us willing hearts and inspire us to boldly teach those who will believe in you.

L: Lord, a lot of our children are hurting, angry and sad because of illness, crime, loneliness, and abuse of various kinds. Some of the things are too painful talk about. Many children are hungry because there is no food and no one to offer it. Some children have lost their hope as silence covers their wounds. Some children are so hurt that they believe abuse is normal. Many families experience violence and division.

All: Strengthen us to tend to the needs of others; to bring relief, hope and healing to our fellow sisters and brothers. Give us willing hearts and inspire us to respond to human need by loving service.

L: Jesus, help our ears to hear calls for help from far and near. Help our feet to go in the way that you will show. Help us to support our national and religious leaders to do all things loving, kind, and true. Guard us on our way and equip us to bring good news to the poor – those who cry in their beds at night and wonder what they have done; mothers and fathers who must try to explain abuses and wrongs; for those who have to work for their food; those left to mourn, for the souls of whose hearts are cold. Walk with us and guide us on our way and give us the words to proclaim “the year of the Lord’s favour.”

All: Give us willing hearts and inspire us to seek to transform the unfair rules in our society.

L: God, we thank you for Mother Earth: the every-morning sun, the sky, for all the things that fly, swim, walk or crawl. We thank you for refreshing rain, stars and night. We thank you for providing varied fruit with herbs and lovely flowers and for showing us your beauty in creation. As we share in the fruits of earth, help us not to litter or pollute the land, which lead to disaster, but to strive to protect all living things. We are sorry that we have caused others to suffer because of our misuse of the gifts of the earth. Help us to preserve all creation as the paradise you intend it to be.

All: O God, Give us willing hearts and inspire us to work to treasure the creation and to sustain and renew the life of the earth.

All: Then, make us stewards of all your bounty, children of your kingdom, witnesses of your truth and inheritors together of your kingdom. Forgive us, Lord, if we unknowingly share in the conditions or in a system that spreads unfairness and show us how we can serve each other as your children to make your love practical and visible. Amen

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Children’s Sunday Song: I want to be like Jesus