The Keucher Report

Excerpt from Synod Journal 2015

submitted to
The Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
and to the Leadership of the Diocese
The Rev. Gerald W. Keucher
One Pendleton Place
Staten Island NY 10301-1220 USA
347-713-2218; [email protected]
28 February 2015

I was invited by the Rt. Rev. Howard Gregory, Bishop of Jamaica and the
Cayman Islands, to visit Jamaica and to make recommendations on
various challenges facing the Anglican Church here.
I asked that a number of meetings be arranged so I could hear the concerns
and thoughts of as many clergy and laity as possible. Over a period of five
days I was present at:
􀂙 two joint meetings of the Diocesan Council and the Diocesan
Financial Board;
􀂙 three regional meetings of clergy and laity in Kingston, Montego
Bay, and Santa Cruz, each followed by a meeting with the clergy;
􀂙 meetings with representatives of four cures, one in the Montego
Bay Region, one in the Mandeville Region, and two in the Kingston
In addition, I had meetings and conversations with Bishop Gregory, the Rt.
Rev. Robert Thompson, Suffragan Bishop of Kingston, the Rt. Rev. Leon
Golding, Suffragan Bishop of Montego Bay, the Rev. Canon Denzil Barnes,
Diocesan Secretary, and Mr. Michael Fennell, Chair of the Diocesan
Financial Board.
Before continuing, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the Bishops,
Canon Barnes and Mr. Fennell for their indefatigable labors in making
sure I arrived at each of these engagements, and for their time and
kindnesses. And I am most grateful to the many clergy and laity who attended
all the meetings held during the week, some attending more than one. I
have encountered only warmth and hospitality. Everyone has been open,
responsive, and obviously dedicated to the Anglican Church and its
mission. I found a deep love of God and His Son and a passionate devotion
to the mission the Christ has entrusted to the members of His Risen Body
the Church. Thank you all.