Prayer for children sitting exams

Heavenly Father, we thank you for this day that you have given us. We thank you for the opportunities that will come our way today, especially this great chance to show how much we have learned as we take this exam. Keep our mind alert and our memory sharp. Calm our nerves and help us to concentrate. Guide and inspire us that we may answer the questions correctly. Keep away all distractions from us. We pray that we would feel your presence near us to support us and lessen the pressure we may feel.

Help all children in this exam to recall what they have learned and if they feel afraid help them to remember what they are working towards. So sharpen our thinking, inspire our creativity and help us to do our best at this test of our learning and understanding. May we be able to recall everything we need from our studies and answer our questions well. Jesus, our Lord, we give you all our fears and ask you to take control of all things as you lead us into a bright future.