Home Care Training Programme Extended to Kingston

Are you, or is someone you know caring for a family member or loved one who may be sick, physically challenged or housebound?

The Diocese is extending the care-givers training programme which was introduced in Montego Bay several years ago. The classes will now be conducted in Kingston, and will begin on Saturday, October 3 at the St Margaret’s Church Hall, Liguanea.

Sessions will be led by experienced medical professionals from across the Diocese and practitioners in related disciplines; and will be held once per month between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. or more often, if this is required by participants.

This Programme is an initiative of the Diocesan Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Howard Gregory, who successfully introduced the programme in Montego Bay while he served as the Suffragan Bishop. Bishop Gregory explains that the programme is not meant to prepare participants for certification or employment, but rather to help persons, who very often have had no training in this area, to better understand how to function as care-givers.

Topics to be covered include:

o   Principles of home care-giving

o   Nutrition and the preparation of meals

o   Fundamentals of First Aid

o   Care for persons with chronic conditions

o   Religious care of the sick and housebound

o   Healthy self-care for care-givers; and, most importantly,

o    recognizing limits to personal care-giving, that is, when it is time to call on professional assistance.

See flyer below for further details:

Home Care Programme