New Building Plans Presented for Wortley Home


Bishop Thompson and Mr. Raphael “Keith” Sangster, Chairman of the Home’s Board of Management, admire the Artist’s Impression of the new building for the Wortley Home for Girls.

Plans for the rebuilding of the Wortley Home, recently destroyed by fire, were presented on Wednesday, September 9 at a Media Briefing chaired by the Bishop of Kingston and Canonical Administrator, The Rt. Rev. Robert Thompson, at Church House.

 The designs were prepared by architect Rivi Gardner, and based on these plans, Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Berkeley & Spence, estimate that it will cost approximately J$43.6 million to rebuild the Home. The new structure will be a modern residence, providing all the amenities for the comfort of the girls and the efficient operation of the Home.

 The Project will involve demolition and clearing of the site, followed by construction of a split-level building. The space of approximately 3,593 sq. ft at the entry level will accommodate a 16-bed dormitory and bathroom facilities, two separate bedrooms and sanitary facilities for staff, a sick bay and staff training room. The upper storey of some 2,459 sq. ft. will house another 16-bed dormitory, bathrooms and accommodation for a House Mother, as well as a Home Work/Study Room.  Provision has been made for two emergency staircases on this floor. Space is provided at ground level for storage and/or office use. The adjacent building on the complex will continue to serve as the kitchen, dining room and laundry.

 Bishop Thompson explained that the Rebuilding Fund which was opened at the Scotiabank Group Financial Centre, Constant Spring, currently stands at J$2 million; and he appealed for public support for the fundraising effort. During the coming months, the plans will be refined and submitted for the approval of the relevant building authorities.

Both Bishop Thompson and Mr. Raphael “Keith” Sangster, Chairman of the Home’s Board of Management thanked Sister Teresita DeSouza of the Immaculate Conception Convent, who kindly accommodated the 19 girls at the Home following the fire. They also expressed gratitude to the Child Development Agency; Counsellors in the Diocese of Jamaica & The Cayman Islands, corporate entities and the many generous citizens, as well as former residents of the Home who have provided assistance since the fire.

Members of the Home’s Board of Management, stakeholders from the wider society and the Child Development Agency were among persons who attended the Briefing.



Wortley Home House Mother, Miss Delores Bailey and Board Member, Mrs. Tanya Wildish view a photo of the fire damage at the Wortley Home.


Mrs. Carmen Bromley (left) Director of Missions and Ministry at Church House in intense discussion with Wortley Home Board Member, Mrs. Tanya Wildish


Bishop Thompson and Mr. Raphael “Keith” Sangster, Chairman of the Wortley Home’s Board of Management look at the fire damage captured in a photo mounted at the Media Briefing.