Unearthing our talents for the Kingdom

Matthew 25: 14 -30

Moment to Ponder

This is one of a series of parables recorded in Matthew where Jesus tells about the future.  The focus of the parable of the talents is not on the master’s journey, but what the servants did while he was away.  In trust, each servant is given talents according to his ability.  There is no indicator when the master will return, and the servants are left to organize and plan their strategies, so as to maximize their potential with what they have been entrusted. The master returns, and don’t we feel it for the third servant?  Whereas the first two servants report exemplary performance, the third servant has missed out on opportunities that were available to him.  He missed out on entering into his master’s joy.

This parable is an extremely clear explanation from Jesus as to what was expected of his disciples after his departure.

Our Master has entrusted us with his valuable resource – to take care of his kingdom, and we have been placed in various spheres of life to sow and to scatter.   No one has received more or less than he can handle.  Each of us has been entrusted with different gifts and abilities – how are we using them? Do we use our resources for the benefit of others or just for ourselves? As we live in anticipation of our Lord’s return, let’s use our time and resources wisely. 

The kingdom grows when we invest our resources rightly.  Our gifts and talents are exemplified when we use them for God’s glory.  As we use our talents, we discover more about ourselves and God.  As we use our talents, God reveals possibilities never before imagined.

We don’t know when, but, his return is certain.  Oh to find out that you have only cheated ourselves! 

Practical Action

Identify one ministry within your congregation in which you can participate and make the decision to get involved.

A Moment in Prayer

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to serve as you have asked.  Help us not to be too ready with excuses, as to why we can’t or shouldn’t, but give us the courage to step out armed with everlasting assurance that as you have sent, you have promised to be with us always.  Lord, may you find us faithful. Amen

Contributed by Sister Claudette Marshall