St. Luke’s Church Hosts Thought-Provoking Lecture on the Intersection of AI and Faith

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Sunday, October 22, 2023

Kingston, Jamaica: – St. Luke’s Church was honored to welcome Adrian Dunkley, Founder of StarApple AI, as the distinguished guest speaker for the annual St. Luke’s Lecture Series, held on October 18. The event was met with great enthusiasm both online and in the church, as Mr. Dunkley delivered a captivating presentation on “AI and Spiritual Guidance: Navigating the Role of Technology in Faith.”

Adrian Dunkley, a renowned authority in the field of artificial intelligence, provided an insightful exploration of the intersection between technology and spirituality. Drawing from his extensive experience in AI and his profound understanding of the ethical and moral implications of advanced technology, he challenged the audience to contemplate the impact of AI on faith and spiritual guidance.

Dunkley explained that AI is multi-faceted and not new.  In some cases, AI is “pulling and curating data from persons who’ve gone through the experience. So it’s like having a million humans come to your aid and provide an answer within a minute or two,” he revealed.

In his thought-provoking address, Mr. Dunkley emphasized the importance of discerning the ethical boundaries and ethical use of AI in the realm of spirituality. He raised questions about the role of technology in faith-based practices, sparking deep discussions about the integration of artificial intelligence into religious communities and the potential consequences for believers.

“We still need humans involved in every process, but the expectation is you’ll have more output and less effort involved,” Dunkley explained to the rapped audience. 

The event was a resounding success, fostering dialogue among a diverse audience that included church members, technology enthusiasts, and the general public. It offered a platform for open discourse and critical thinking on a subject that is becoming increasingly relevant in our rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Excellent musical performances from Choir Director Christine McDonald Nevers and musician Stephen Shaw Narr broke up the discussion with inspired pieces. 

St. Luke’s Church is dedicated to providing a platform for insightful discussions on important contemporary issues, and Mr. Dunkley’s presentation on AI and spirituality certainly lived up to this commitment. The lecture was a testament to St. Luke’s Church’s unwavering commitment to fostering dialogue and intellectual exploration within the community.

For those who were unable to attend the event, Mr. Dunkley’s engaging presentation is available for viewing on the Church’s official YouTube channel.

About Adrian Dunkley

Andrian Dunkley is a Technologist and Decision Scientist, who specializes in Data Science & AI. He has over 15 years of experience in applying AI to various domains such as Finance, Travel, Retail, Marketing, Risk Management, and Customer Experience. He is the founder of multiple AI firms and has generated billions of dollars for companies using AI systems. He has also deployed over 100 AI systems with positive return on investment. His ultimate goal is to improve the Global Quality of Life using Human Intelligence and AI.

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