The Maintaining the Mission Committee (MMC), a sub-committee of the Diocesan Financial Board (DFB), has been commissioned to grow attendance in congregations and to encourage and inspire congregational commitment throughout the Diocese.


The Committee comprises a Chairperson, Regional Co-ordinators, Deanery Representatives, and a Secretary. There are three Regions as per Diocesan Regions namely Kingston, Mandeville, and Montego Bay. However, because the Kingston Region is large, a further classification has been done dividing this Region into Kingston and Eastern Jamaica. There is a Co-ordinator for each Region and three Co-ordinators double as Deanery Representatives. A Co-ordinator has the responsibility to track our young people who have moved onto institutions of higher learning (college, university, police academy, etc.). Co-ordinators and Representatives reside within their area of responsibility to facilitate easier communication and to have their presence felt.

The MMC meets monthly. A progress report is made at the monthly meeting of the DFB.

The MMC is structured to work through and with the clergy, church workers, and the organizations of the Diocese.

Tracking Growth

It is important to track the growth of the members as the Marks of Mission Committee (2016) encourages an annual growth of 10%. With this intent, a Google Form with an accompanying spreadsheet was developed which captures the attendance at church and Sunday School. It is the hope that our churches will come on board and be encouraged to populate the spreadsheet. These numbers are reported to the DFB on a monthly basis thereby facilitating quicker and more intentional decisions.

Action Plan

An Action Plan has been devised which is available in a written format and also as a PowerPoint presentation. Included in the Action Plan is a lively jingle entitled “Rethink, Reset, Ready and Go. Each one bring one.” Please encourage the playing of the jingle to congregations, at meetings of church organizations and at Sunday School. Please note the jingle and accompanying lyrics.

Let us “own” this vineyard – The Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Maureen Johnson
Chair of MMC