God’s love extends to all

“Lord,” she replied, “even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” (Mark 7:28)

Take a Moment to Ponder

The story of the Syro-Phoenician woman goes a long way in cementing the fact that God’s love extends to us all. We are told that God shows no partiality, and God is there for all of us. This woman who sought healing for her daughter was desperate. So desperate was she that she did not seem to notice or mind that Jesus had ‘dissed’ her by likening her to a dog. She had a singular focus and that was to get healing for her daughter. This woman was focused and persevered until she got what she desired. Even though she was not Jewish and not among the chosen, she still received favour from God.

Do we even realize that despite who we are and what we do God’s love extends to us? Do we persevere in seeking help from God? I believe that in this time of pandemic, we are being reminded of just that; that God’s love extends to all. In order for us to realize and feel that love, we must be prepared to be obedient to what we need to do to secure our health and wellness. In this time of pandemic, we must be willing to follow the protocols and the rules that have been put in place for us. I believe that we will feel and experience God’s love when we remain healthy because we have taken all the precautions.

In experiencing God’s love, we are then called to spread that love among others. We do this when we show the benefits of that love. That love must extend to our showing alarm and concern about the recent spike in the Covid infections and deaths. We must be concerned with the indiscipline of our citizens who refuse to listen to and obey the rules. We must be concerned because they do not know of the love of God. It is our duty and responsibility as members of the Church to let them know about this love, and that this love extends to them. We must intensify our efforts in letting our citizens know that despite their indiscipline and indifference, that God’s love extends to them as well.  

Practical Action

Let us begin to set the example as people who have experienced God’s love, in showing others that that they too can experience that same love by being obedient to what God is calling us into doing.

A Moment in Prayer

Gracious God, who is the Great Physician and healer; we pray and ask that your love extends to us. Look upon us and bless us now as we continue to grapple with Covid 19. Help us as a nation to play our part in limiting the spread of this virus by doing our civic duty by observing the protocols. We ask that you supply our needs as we endure periods of lockdown and curfew. Help us to feel your love in our lives and help us to share that love with others, through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

Contributed by: Very Rev. Fr. Richard A. Tucker