Panel Discussion on Disestablishment

Part 2 July 8 @ 7 pm

The second part of the Symposium to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Disestablishment of the Anglican Church in 1870 will be held on Thursday July 8 at 7:00 pm and can be viewed on Zoom.

While the first part of the Symposium held on July 1 reflected on the past, the second part will look at the present and the way forward to ensure that the Church remains relevant to the society.  For the discussion, Professor Patrick Bryan and Professor the Rev Veront Satchel, who were on the first panel, will be joined by Rev Natalie Blake from the Department of Education & Youth in the Diocese, Ms Shameika Harris, an Acolyte from the Church of St Thomas, Bath, Rev Deacon Bertram Gayle, Assistant Curate, St Andrew Parish Church and the Rt. Rev Robert Thompson, retired Suffragan Bishop of Kingston.

The Moderator will be  Dr. Las Newman, retired president of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology and the chair of the Symposium Committee.

The Symposium has been organized to help answer some basic questions about the role of the Church over the past 150 years, to reflect on the Church’s mission and ministry, and its engagement with the population at large. It is hoped that the Symposium will enable us to reflect on our past, examine our current activities and provide ideas on where we go from here.