BSA Fathers’ Day Message

Fatherhood is about so many things.  It speaks to the kinship relation between offspring and father or a structure in society where a child is aware of the presence of a male figure to provide sustenance, guidance, encouragement and discipline.

Here, fathers play their part in raising young people who understand and respect what is good about the world which their predecessors created and how to keep it going and even improve on it.

It is also important that fathers, not just on a whole, but, individually seek to leave a righteous legacy for their children. Proverbs chapter 20 verse 7 reads:  “The just man walketh in his integrity and his children are blessed after him. “

A part of Genesis chapter 25 verse 11 reads as follows, “After the death of Abraham, God blessed Isaac his son. “  Clearly, there are benefits to offspring arising from good fatherhood.

On the occasion of Fathers’ Day 2021, it is my pleasure and my responsibility to urge fathers, both inside and outside of the Brotherhood of Saint Andrew, to be true to their role as fathers and to give our youngsters the kind guidance that can only come from fathers.

Remember! “A child looks up at the stars and wonders. Great fathers put children on their shoulders and help them reach for stars.”

Happy Fathers’ Day.