A message from the Director of Anglican Schools


“Bridging the Digital and Social Divide:  Transforming Education for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development,” is a timely theme for Education Week 2021.  The COVID-19 Pandemic has highlighted the inequity that exists in our country.  It is over a year since the COVID-19 appeared on our shores and disrupted our lives and lifestyles.  Our children have been seriously impacted by the many changes especially in education.  The fact that teaching and learning is mostly virtual introduces problems for both parents and students based on the need for suitable resources and adequate supervision.  The issues are further compounded when parents and guardians are unemployed and cannot properly care for their charges.  Many children end up being abused or neglected.  Our role as teachers and administrators thus become critical.

As we celebrate Education Week we must be mindful of our students and their concerns.  Many are challenged in various ways and are dependent on people of integrity, love and care to overcome their adversities.  As teachers we have to be such persons;  our country needs us to guide our students on a path of growth.  The social and emotional needs of the students must be met even as you grapple with your own needs.  This requires a lot of effort.

I use this opportunity to urge you to continue the great work you have been doing in our schools.  Thank you for your sacrifices, your patience and understanding as you nurture our children.  We pray that God will continue to bless you in all your endeavours and keep you safe and healthy especially at this time.  Observe the protocols and together we shall overcome.

A Blessed and happy Teachers Day and Education Week!

Ena Barclay (Mrs.)
Director of Anglican Schools