Reflect, Discover and Rediscover

Reading: Exodus 20: 1 – 17 and Psalm 19

Scripture: “Then God spoke all thesewords…” (Exodus 20:1) 

Reflection: In Exodus 20, we read that the laws were given to the children of Israel as a means of helping them to enjoy a better way of life, a life in God.  The laws, which we know as the Ten Commandments,  have been with us for generations, and have informed many of the laws of human society. Most importantly, the Commandments describe the basic tenets at the heart of Christianity.

As we traverse the roads and go about our daily business, one thing that is hard to ignore is the lawlessness and selfishness that exists and which is manifest in the way we treat each other. It is quite disheartening to observe our traffic habits – we race to get to the lights, we turn without signaling and generally drive in a reckless and dangerous manner, placing the lives of others at risk. The laws to keep us safe and to protect us are often ignored, so it makes one wonder how much value is placed on human life. Why is it so difficult to follow the laws, and the rules of the road?

Despite having been given the recipe for how to live, we often stray and disobey the laws.  We live unsafely and by our actions put ourselves and others at risk.  COVID-19 has highlighted the selfishness even more, as persons refuse to follow the rules and guidelines designed to prevent the spread of infection and , ultimately, death. Does this disobedience and selfishness not also apply to our spiritual lives? How closely do we follow the Commandments?

The Lenten season calls us to reflect, to discover and rediscover who we are in Christ and who we are without Him. As believers, and, individually, members of the Body of Christ, we must walk the walk, talk the talk, take up our cross, follow Him and live in Christ. A life in Christ is one that has meaning and depth, that is not distracted by the things of this world. The extent of meaning and depth will largely depend on the quality of the relationship that we have with Him. Are we in constant dialogue with Him? Is He our guide and support? Do we recognise His voice when He speaks to us? Do we make time to listen to Him? The honest answers to these questions will provide us with the direction in which we must move to grow in our faith and to enjoy a closer relationship with Him. Taste and see!

Meditation:  Think about what you can do more of or differently that will cause you to more closely honour His Commandments.

Prayer: Help us, Lord, that we may use this special time with You, to infuse our souls and our beings with all that it takes to follow You. Help us, Lord, to see, hear, feel and taste Your goodness in our lives; so that we can share that goodness with others.  Amen.

The St. Jude’s Writers

St. Jude’s Church

Stony Hill

Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands

13 March 2021