Hope and expectation

Tuesday, 05 January 2021

Hope and expectation                                                                 

Reading: Wisdom 10:15 – 21

Scripture: “Therefore the righteous….sang hymns, O Lord, to your holy name, and praised with one accord your defending hand…” (Wisdom 10:20)

Reflection: At this time in our calendar cycle, perhaps more so than at any other time of year, we are full of hope and expectation for peace and goodwill among all peoples. We are also full of hope and expectation for advancement in our spiritual growth and awareness and that the words and thoughts we share will move His spirit among us. 

It is that hope and expectation that make us able to say and believe, in the context of the current COVID -19 experience and its related challenges, that, ‘it is always darkest just before the dawn’. We hold fast to this expectation since God our Father has promised to be with us, and we know that God always keeps His promises.

God has a longer, wider, deeper perspective, than we do. His is the eternity perspective. So, He points us to the need to develop and hone our skill of patience (a fruit of the spirit). Admittedly, this is sometimes difficult to accept or comprehend such as times like now when many are at their weakest and close to breaking point, and those for whom their daily realities leave them emotionally and physically frazzled, confused and lost. But God has called us to share our faith with others, especially those in desperate need of that reassuring faith. We need to find opportunities to strengthen and grow our faith, and we can only grow by sharing our faith, and in that growth, help others to grow.

Our text for today recaptures and celebrates the story of how God delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians and the Canaanites. Wisdom, which interestingly is described here in the feminine,  is used as a metaphor for God, who acts out of love in seeking to redeem humanity. Using Moses as her agent, Wisdom not only liberates her chosen people from bondage but provides for their every need. She provides direction through the wilderness, protection from and victory over their enemies, food and shelter, rewards for their labours, and miracle after miracle. And the people praised the Lord for all these blessings. 

We come back in our reflection to the promises given to us by the Son of Wisdom, Jesus the Christ – that He is with us always, will provide rest for all who are heavily burdened, and will save us from harm. We must however remain faithful and obedient to Him.

Meditation: Abiding in Him, we shall overcome, so we look forward to better days ahead.

Prayer: Omnipotent God, we know that through You, we move and live and have our being. We give You thanks, O Lord. Help us to grow in our patience, our faith, and our love for each other, and to act always in accordance with Your will. Amen.

St. Jude’s Church

Stony Hill

Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands

Tuesday, 05 January 2021