God’s Kingdom endures forever

Monday in the Fourth Week of Advent, Year B
21 December 2020

God’s Kingdom endures forever

Reading: 2 Samuel 7: 1-11, 16

Scripture: “Your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me, your throne shall be established forever. (2 Samuel 7:16)

Reflection: The current pandemic has forced us to acknowledge that His kingdom is spread by believers, like you and me, and not by the buildings and magnificent edifices that we have constructed as places of worship. Jamaica is on record as having the greatest number of churches per square mile, yet, like believers all over the world who are now in observance of pandemic protocols, have been forced to vacate the buildings and worship in the ‘virtual space’.

We have now redefined corporate worship. We are no longer able to enjoy the harmony of our voices joined in song, nor are we able to participate in the worship service in many of the ways we used to do. We miss the hugs, the greetings and the general fellowship of being there in church in person with other believers. We have transitioned to a new mode of worship. How have we been spiritually transformed by this new modality? Has the singularity and the distance in much of what we do now, forced us to find deeper meaning, to our relationship with God? Do we speak with Him more now than before?

God’s presence can be invoked anywhere. Indeed, the current circumstances can be said to have brought about at least one positive outcome for many – the worship life and the frequency of worship has improved by virtue of the increased number and wide variety of options for religious services available electronically.

This has been a trying year, but we can look forward to celebrating Christmas in the assurance that “God with us” means just that. He will never leave us nor forsake us, through all the trials that are a part of our life and living.

Meditation: Spare a thought for those without the resources to access the worship services electronically. How do we fulfil our mission of sharing His kingdom with them?

Prayer: Dear Lord in the midst of all the distractions of today’s world, help me to keep my mind focussed on those things which are enduring, such as Love, Sacrifice, Patience, Grace and Forgiveness and thereby do my part to bring Peace on earth.  Amen.