Who are you?

Thursday in the Third Week of Advent, Year B

17 December 2020

Who are you?

Reading: John 1: 6-8,19-28

Scripture: “Who are you?”… Are you Elijah?”… “Are you the prophet?” He said, “I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord,’” as the prophet Isaiah said.”(John 1:19 – 23)

Reflection: “Who are you?” Strangely, we often become self-conscious and feel uncomfortable when asked that question. At the best of times, the answer to that question can have many perspectives on which to reflect and forces us to think about the one person whom we know the most about, ourselves.

Typically we respond with the obvious – our name, and then when pressed, we may reluctantly add other bits of information to appease the questioner. This was not the case with John the Baptizer, who was clear on who he was, and, more importantly, what was his mission. John was not shy nor was he intimidated by the religious leaders who posed this question. 

John was the forerunner whose mission was to herald the coming of Jesus and to “prepare the way’ in the hearts and minds of as many persons as he could.  His was the responsibility to help prepare persons to appreciate the mission and Ministry of the soon-coming Jesus.

 At the time, there was a heightened expectancy for this Messiah, but John made it very clear, “I am not Him”. God is God and I am not God. John was not interested in gaining for himself a following, nor to be the focus of attention.

We too need to be clear on who we are and whose we are so that we can identify with Christ and share with others the part we play in God’s Kingdom. We too can, should and must effectively point others to Him, by our words and, more importantly, by our deeds.

 Meditation:  Are we seeking recognition for ourselves, or for Christ?

 Prayer: Thank You Lord, that we can hold on to Your promise of paradise by Your side in heaven. May we prepare our hearts and minds that we may be among the chosen. Amen.

St. Jude’s Church
Stony Hill

Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas 2020
by The St. Jude’s Writers