Teachers’ Day Message 2020

Education Week 2020 is being celebrated by the Jamaica Teachers’ Association under the theme: “Promoting Digital Transformation and Positive Values and Attitudes:  Imperatives for Redefining 21st Century Education.” 

It is indeed timely and relevant especially during this global Pandemic caused by COVID-19.  Teachers and students accustomed to daily interactions in the classroom are now forced to operate in a virtual learning environment using the various Online Learning Platforms and means of communication.

Teachers have always risen to the challenges that confront the education system but now more than ever their creativity and innovativeness have come to the forefront.  This COVID-19 situation also highlights the need for all students to have access to devices and the internet in order to fully benefit from continued schooling.  Unless that is possible students will not experience the interactive learning environment that will increase their knowledge and deepen their understanding at all levels of the system.

Education will never return to what we have been accustomed to but this Pandemic has highlighted the need for the teachers in the lives of our children. 

As we grapple with the various issues impacting the system we must express our gratitude to the teachers of Jamaica and especially those serving in our Anglican Schools for empowering our students and making our schools, “Schools of Choice.”  We salute you all. 

Keep safe.

Ena Barclay (Mrs.)
Director – Anglican Schools.
May 6, 2020