Intentional Discipleship Training

Intentional Discipleship is a deliberate yet empowering and flexible relationship of trust in which one individual assists or works along with another to understand and appropriate the grace of God in their lives – Rev. Douglas Barnes


Montego Bay Region: Hillcrest Diocesan Retreat Centre May 4-6, 2018
Mandeville Region: Auchtembeddie Camp Site, Manchester May 11-13, 2018
Kingston Region: St. Thomas Aquinas Archdiocesan Retreat Centre June 15-17, 2018
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Intentional Discipleship is a functional yet flexible relationship of trust, which has as its primary characteristic, the willingness and ability to meet Jesus, and remain with Jesus in order that we will be “changed [so deeply] that the way we see and experience the world changes. It is about living and walking together with others as we focus on living the ‘Jesus Shaped’ life. This ‘Jesus Shaped’ life is one that reflects Jesus’ character of compassion, mercy, justice, hope and resistance to systems and structures that perpetuate evil and sin in the world. To live the ‘Jesus Shaped life’ (a life formed through prayer, a deepening of our relationship with Jesus by seeking to remain1 in His presence, modelling Jesus’ principles and embodying his teaching), is to personify our faith and devotion to Jesus in our normal rhythm of life; in our words and actions.

There are many examples of Intentional Discipleship in scripture, such as: Moses and Joshua (Joshua 1:1-9), Elijah and Elisha (2nd Kings), Barnabas and Paul (Acts 14), Paul and Timothy (2 Timothy) and Jesus and the Disciples (Matthew 4:18–22, Mark 1:16–2, Luke 5:1–11). Using Jesus as our prototype, during His public ministry, He spent precious time making disciples – teaching and training His chosen few. He spoke to crowds, but often Jesus drew the disciples aside privately to teach them the deeper meanings of His parables and miracles. Like Jesus and the apostles we cannot leave discipleship to chance. Instead, with joy and confidence we invite others to come to Jesus; to meet, stay with; learn from, grow with and witness for Jesus. Let us see it as, and live into our Christian birthright to come alongside and journey with others as they make their commitment to follow and walk with Jesus until they come to his everlasting kingdom.

You see, making disciples is important because it is the Lord’s chosen method of spreading the Good News of salvation. As Intentional Disciples, let us “evangelize because we have really good news to share, share our faith with their children, and care for the poor and work to alleviate inequality and injustice, although these may be risks taken for the Kingdom of God.2

I am excited about this journey and hope that we will be strengthened to not just pay lip-service to discipleship, but we will dare to be in the company of Jesus sharing with the people whom Jesus seeks to be present to. As we live our rhythm we become a place where others encounter God in Christ.

1 Being Disciples: Essential of the Christian Life – Rowan Williams

2 Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and following Jesus – Sherry A. Weddell

The Goal

Discipleship isn’t a sudden condition of spiritual maturity. It is a process of growing and learning as a student at the feet of Jesus. The goal of discipleship is a constant multiplication of disciples, which requires leadership

  • Deepen our personal  relationship with God
  • Evangelize our nation
  • Increase congregational membership

Training Workshops to include:

  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Youth
  • Young Adults
  • B.S.A
  • Mothers’ Union
  • Women’s Auxilary

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POWERPOINT ON TRAINING – Launched at Synod 2018