Being with Jesus – Key to Discipleship

Kingston Region Launch

“The gospel can only be transmitted on the basis of ‘being’ with Jesus.”

This was the heart of the message delivered by The Rt. Rev. Robert Thompson, Suffragan Bishop of Kingston at the launch of the Kingston Region’s Period of Intentional Discipleship on Advent Sunday, December 3 at the historic St. George’s Church, East Street. 

He noted that discipleship was one of the greatest challenges in churches today. Instead, he said, more resources were allocated to fundraising events and activities to promote and maintain existing structures and programmes rather than fostering discipleship, without which Christianity would be an empty shell.

“We are earnest in our belief, but do not go far enough to be committed to change. Many of us come to church Sunday after Sunday, we may be teaching Sunday School or doing some very important ministry, but yet never consider having a personal relationship with Jesus.”

“We must follow Jesus, not simply to the ends of the earth, to do his work and echo his service; we follow him so that we can be next to the Father’s heart,” Bishop Thompson asserted.

He concluded that discipleship was not an intermittent activity but “a state of being” and a relationship that compels one to proclaim and share what is lived as good, positive and beautiful.

It was standing room only as clergy and members of churches in the Region participated in the Service at which it was announced that a special Bible Study was being written for Lent, and that training would be conducted to help members in Deaneries and congregations “to carry the story.”