Lord Bishop Pays Tribute

Bishop-Howard-GregoryLord Bishop Pays Tribute To The Late Bishop Don Taylor

 The late Rector of the Kingston Parish Church, the Rt. Rev. E. Don Taylor, who died in New York last Saturday (May 24) has been lauded for his outstanding service to the Diocese of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands (Anglican), the nation and the wider Anglican Communion. Bishop Taylor who was 77, served in the priesthood for some 52 years, ministering to congregations both in Jamaica and the United States of America.

40th Anniversary Service for Rt.Revds.Howard Gregory& Robert Thompson and Canon Abner Powell, Kingston Parish Church, Sun.30th June 2013. Tony Patel Photos.A tribute from the Bishop of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands, the Rt. Rev. Howard Gregory, said that Bishop Taylor who, as  a young priest, was Rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Molynes Road, was noted for his creativity and pastoral leadership. “His rapport and mentoring of the young people of the congregation was a major force in helping to shape the life of those who have gone on to serve the Church, the nation, and in various spheres in the international community,” the Lord Bishop stated.

Bishop Gregory said that Bishop Taylor’s ministry in the Episcopal (Anglican) Church in the USA, where he was elected Bishop of the US Virgin Islands and later became Vicar Bishop of New York, was equally noteworthy. Under his leadership, congregations in the racially divided societies of Buffalo and Atlanta grew, and the multi-racial membership was maintained. Bishop Taylor also served Jamaica as Honorary Consul in Atlanta for several years.

The Lord Bishop noted that Bishop Taylor, who retired and returned to Jamaica in 2009, rip-taylorsharpened his skills in ministering to the poor and marginalized in an affluent society during his tenure in New York. And he said the late Bishop brought to bear on his ministry in downtown Kingston his vast experience and pastoral skills, while serving as Rector of the KingstonParishChurch.

“The Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and the people of Jamaica owe him a debt of gratitude for his contribution in both spheres of our life,” Bishop Gregory asserted.

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